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Empty Tank Journey

Top 5 things to do in Mexico City

Top 5 things to do in Mexico City

Has someone inspired and encouraged you to visit a place, city or country? Which place were you inspired to visit? Well, for me that was Mexico City.      Mexico            The Top 5 Places for you to visit in Mexico City:  ...

What to see at Chapultepec Castle Mexico City

What to see at Chapultepec Castle Mexico City

  ROMEO + JULIET O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? ~ Juliet Romeo + Juliet Shakespeare   Chapultepec Castle is one of the top places to visit in Mexico City. Why? Some scenes of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet film by Baz Luhrmann was filmed...

Jennifer Empey

Jennifer inspires and helps you with your Travel, Photography, & History.

And, inspires you to travel Australia.


Her passion is Art, Abstract and Travel Photography, Family History and DNA Genealogy.

See Australia and the World through Jennifer Empey's travel photography history stories and artistic impression and expression.


And, inspire you to be creative.

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