3 Places to visit in Narooma NSW Australia



Narooma is situated on the coast of New South Wales, Australia.
Three places to visit in Narooma are the wharf, Australia Rock and the Glasshouse Rocks to inspire creativity.

For more a detailed map of Narooma.


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1 The Wharf

Sit by the wharf along Wagonga Inlet. Watch the boats come and go. Feel the spring warmth and breathe in the fresh air.

As the water flows over the rock wall, be mesmerised by its rhythmn.

And, the seagulls fly around and squawk.

An ideal spot to eat lunch on a sunny day in spring.


2 Australia Rock

Drive around up to the cliff. Down the one way road, where you turn right and drive along the water's edge towards the end of the road. There is a small carpark which looks out over the Pacific Ocean. On the cliff side, you will find Australia Rock.

Back up to the top of the cliff at the lookout, is the view over the rocky coast.

3 Glasshouse Rocks near the cemetery

The land nearby the Glasshouse Rocks is private property.

Therefore, the closest view is from the cemetery which lies at the end of Cemetery Rd.

To get to the beach includes a steep descent down the cliff.

The beach is unpatrolled and has rips and rocks which makes swimming not possible.

As a photographer with mobility issues, the best view, is to stand at the top of the cliff inside the fence at Narooma cemetery.



Photography by me. Artwork created by me. Jennifer Empey




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