Meet Jennifer

Art & Abstract Photographer, Blogger, Family-Historian

Hey, I'm Jennifer

Jennifer helps creatives, bloggers, and travelers with creating your own photography for your blogs, social media, and websites.

I want to inspire you to be unique, creative and develop your own personal style.

And, I am interested in helping others like me, who can be homebound at times due to lifestyle, health, or the weather.

Are you seeking creativity in your life to express you, your business, or satisfy your soul?

This is me ...

My name is Jennifer Empey from Melbourne, Australia.

And, I am a proud Mum of 2 and Grandma of 2.

Consequently, when my granddaughter was two, she created this picture of me for my website. Then, I edited it.

I am an Art, Abstract, and Travel Photographer, Blogger, and Family Historian.

Art Photography Journey ...

Art and Photography is a form of escapism.

Above all else, artistic, abstract, intentional camera movement, painterly, and textures are the photographic and artistic techniques that I am passionate about.

I love being unique and creative with my vision of abstracts. Especially, I hope that this desire inspires you to take a leap of faith. Are you ready?

Art, History, Nature, Landscape, and Seascape inspire me. So, you will find me exploring and looking for elements, textures, backgrounds, nature, landscapes, and seascapes to use in my art, abstract, and travel photography.

What can you see around you that inspires you to be creative?

As a result, I can help you learn the art and photography techniques that I have learned to assist you to develop your own personal style.

Learning! I love learning new art and photography techniques to build upon my personal style.

Which techniques would you like to learn?

In the late 1990's, I studied Audio Visual Technology. During the course, I learned to use a SLR, and develop and print black and white film. But then, photography took a backseat.

Several years ago, I was drawn back in when I would create images of my garden and the sunsets from my point of view. Then, I purchased a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera which led to enrolling in an online course to learn how to use a DSLR in manual mode.

In 2015, I joined the local camera club. We go away a few times a year in country Victoria.

Since then, my style and techniques have grown exponentially.

2018 was a great year at my local camera club. Amazingly, I was awarded the A Grade Print Image of the Year 2018 for my abstract image Lingering. And, I  achieved the A Grade Third Place in the Print Image Aggregate 2018.

My image Maze was awarded a Silver Award and Top 20 in Better Photography magazine's 2018 Creative Flair Category. Additionally, it appears in the 2018 Top 20 Creative Flair digital online gallery.

Now, I am learning to create self-portraits, self-portrait composites, composites with my grandchildren, and living pictures.

Family History is an ever-searching quest ...

I am a Family Historian. Similarly, family history, genealogy and DNA genealogy are my passions too. Consequently, in December 2018, I graduated in the Diploma of Family History at UTAS. During the course, I learned different styles of writing and presenting family history which can be adapted to my learning for you.

Sometimes, it's two steps forward and three steps back ...

A number of chronic illnesses challenge me. I live with migraines, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, asthma, to name a few, Sometimes, it feels like a never-ending roller coaster.

Change is always a constant ...

As a result, all this has led me here to building my website myself from scratch.

It's time to share all this learning and knowledge with you.

Aspire to follow your dreams even though challenges can divert you off course at times.

Are you ready to jump on board?

"Success is a journey, not a destination. 

The doing is often more important than the outcome.

~ Arthur Ashe

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