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Jennifer Empey

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Jennifer Empey

Travel & Experiences

Melbourne, Victoria, and East Coast Australia, and places from Australia.

Shares travel and experience stories and ideas to help you create memories and find your story.



Jennifer Empey

Travel & Experiences Blogger and Content Creator

Jennifer is a local Melbourne Mum and Grandma who travel and experiences blogs, mother & adult daughter, and solo travel writes, photographs, content creates, and researches & writes family history.

Her expertise is a Melbourne local for sixty-plus years. She assists in planning travel and experiences in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

She writes mother & adult daughter and solo travel, travel & experience blogs, photographs, & content creates

She has migraine disease and mobility impairments.

Jennifer Empey

Travel & Experiences & Adventures

Shares travel and experience stories, ideas & tips to help you create memories and find your story.

Find Time to Create your travel and experiences memories and stories.


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" Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

~ Arthur Asche

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