Wander by the River

at Batemans Bay NSW Australia


At the time, I read and saw how the bushfires affected Batemans Bay and the surrounding areas last summer. Closed roads, no power, no petrol, closed supermarkets, and the like, left residents and holidaymakers stranded.


And, they were forced to survive in the smoke-filled air from the bushfires.


Mogo Village & Wildlife Park

Not far away, you can visit Mogo. It's a village that lost some buildings due to the bushfires.

But, for me, it was the scenes on TV showing Mogo Wildlife Park. The bushfires from Clyde Mountain threatened the wildlife park.

The owner and workers at the zoo stayed to protect the animals. On the broadcasts, you saw how they drove around the park with portable water tanks spraying water.


Some Places to visit in and near Batemans Bay

1 You can seal and whale watch at Montague Island.


2 And, you can visit Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Garden at Batemans Bay.

You'll find some things to do like:

  • the gardens
  • walking tracks
  • creeks
  • ponds
  • a small lake with an island
  • a children's play area.


3 Next, you can visit Mogo Village. Mogo Village is a historical town that started after the 1850s gold rush.

The map of Mogo Village shows what's available in the town for you to do.


4 Then, you can visit the Mogo Wildlife Park. Mogo Wildlife Park had to close cause of the bushfires.

And, had to close again due to the restrictions in place.


5 And, spend some time at the historical Quarry Park at Moruya.

The quarry site is where the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons were extracted.

Batemans Bay NSW Australia


Batmans Bay

Walk along the Bay

Where is Batmans Bay in New South Wales?

After Ulladulla, you head south of Sydney along the south coast of New South Wales. The drive takes you on the Princes Highway to Batemans Bay.

Then, you cross over Clyde River via the Clyde River Bridge. Clyde River flows into Batemans Bay.

You can try the oysters, which are harvested in the river.

See the map below for the location of Batemans Bay.


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Batemans Bay

What would you like to do at Batmans Bay?

Which one would you choose first?


Other places on the south coast of NSW to visit

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