Beulah The Dry Film Location

Silos at Beulah Victoria Australia created by Jennifer Empey
Last updated Jun 13, 2024
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Explore the town Beulah a location for the film The Dry

Where was The Dry location filmed?

The Dry was filmed in the Wimmera Mallee in Victoria Australia.

Beulah is the town that acts as the main character's home town, Kiewarra.

Beulah is situated between Brim and Hopetoun on the Henty Highway in Victoria.

I went for a weekend in Hopetoun during winter.

And, I was a passenger as we drove along the highway past the silos and train station in Beulah. My pictures of Beulah are as a passenger in a moving vehicle.

Before arriving at Beulah, make a rest stop at Brim to see the painted Brim Silo.

For this post, I experienced it at my own cost. and the opinion is my own.

Beulah The Dry Location

Silos at Beulah Victoria Australia created by Jennifer Empey

Silos at Beulah Victoria

The Main Street Beulah

The Main Street with its iconic silos in the background served as the perfect backdrop for this thrilling film.

In the picture of the Main Street of Beulah, you can see the silos in the background. And above, you can see my picture of the silos in Beulah.

Discover the beauty of Beulah and experience the magic of cinema coming to life in this quaint setting.

I notice in the poster that the main character played by Eric Bana stands in Main Street in Beulah on location for the film The Dry.

You can find more The Dry locations in the Beulah and Wimmera Mallee at Visit Wimmera Mallee.

Main Street Beulah, source State Library Victoria

'Main Street, Beulah' source State Library Victoria

Henty Highway at Beulah

Beulah Train Station Victoria and trees

Beulah Train Station

Church and trees near Beulah Victoria

Church in the Winter Landscape near Beulah

Explore the Setting of the film The Dry

In The Dry, I embarked on an atmospheric adventure amidst the dry agricultural landscapes of the Wimmera Mallee area of Victoria.

Director, Robert Connolly portrayed the environment into a character through location-based filming. 

In contrast, the sequel movie Force of Nature The Dry 2, took me on a winter adventure to the lush ancient rainforests in Victoria. I found myself in a cold, muddy, and wet environment compared to the first movie The Dry.

And, I was enthralled by the storytelling.

I experienced the opposing seasons. The winter in the Wimmera Mallee and the summer in the Dandenongs have captured the essence of each season in my pictures.

I visited in the opposite seasons. I visited the Wimmera Mallee in the winter. Whereas, I visited the Dandenongs in the summer. So, some of my pictures depict the contrary seasons.

Beulah Landscape in Winter

tree landscape at Beulah Victoria

Winter Landscape at Beulah

landscape at Beulah Victoria created by Jennifer Empey

Winter Landscape at Beulah

Immerse Yourself in The Dry and Force of Nature Books by Jane Harper

Explore a world where mysteries unravel and secrets are exposed.

Dive into the sequel to The Dry by author Jane Harper. titled, Force of Nature.

Both books, The Dry and Force of Nature have been made into movies, The Dry and Force of Nature: The Dry 2, respectively.

Eric Bana plays Aaron Falk, the Federal Agent in The Dry and Force of Nature: The Dry 2.

In her third book, Exiles continues this saga. Have you read her books?

The Dry, Force of Nature, Exiles, books by Jane Harper

A photo I took of the books I purchased at my own expense, The Dry, Force of Nature, and Exiles by Jane Harper

Beulah Travel Details

Where is Beulah located?

You can find the Beulah in the Wimmera Mallee of Victoria Australia.

And, you can find the location of Beulah on the map.

Participate in a Mystery Picnic in the Dandenong Ranges

Immerse yourself in the Australian bush of the Dandenong Ranges on a Mystery Picnic.

I shared my experience with my daughter. You can share your experience with your family and friends and create memories.

Find details of my experience on the Mystery Picnic in the Dandenong Ranges:

Get details of the Mystery Picnic with Friends - Dandenong Ranges.

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Explore Beulah A Location For The Film The Dry
Beulah Victoria A Film Location For The Dry

Find more Things to Do

Make a rest stop at Brim and you can see the painted Brim Silo on the Henty Highway.

Find my experience of visiting the Dandenong Ranges for a picnic, a location of the sequel.

You can find details about the locations for the filming of Force of Nature: The Dry 2.

And, you find places along the Great Ocean Road and in the Otway Ranges National Park to visit in my post.

Do you like to visit places where movies have been filmed? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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