Boats Cairns on Chinaman Creek Photography in Queensland Australia


Sail into Cairns, Australia, on Chinaman Creek. It's the ideal location for the photography of boats.

Cairns is situated in far North Queensland on the east coast of Australia.


The Cruise

I traveled on a cruise that departed from Brisbane, Queensland which sailed and stopped overnight at Cairns and Airlie Beach.

From there, you can catch a boat out to the Great Barrier Reef. And, you can snorkel around the reef to see the coral, fish, and sea creatures.


As we sailed into Cairns, the boats were docked at the Marina.

Then, the cruise liner docked at the cruise terminal in Cairns.

On the other side of the ship is the view of Trinity Forest Reserve.

We could view all the boats docked along the shoreline.


Off the Coast

Off the coast near Cairns are Green Island and Fitzroy Island.

And, off the coast of Airlie Beach is Daydream Island.



Whilst we were docked at the terminal in Cairns, there was low cloud cover. So, Cairns was very hot and humid.

Up in the Daintree National Park, you can take a chair lift through the forest. Then, catch a train back down again.





1 Boat at the Marina

The boats sit at the marina. In the background stands Mt. Whitfield.

Boats Cairns

2 Docked  I


The boats are docked at the marina. You can enjoy a day out by the reefs and snorkel.


3 Docked  II


In Docked II, it has alternative colors of the sky.


4 Gliding along the river

The boats travel up and down the river. They take tourists to Green Island and Fitzroy Island. Where they can spend the day on the islands viewing the reef and the sandy beaches. The waters around Green Island are green.


5 Floating Boats

You can see the view of the boats with the Trinity Forest Reserve in the background. The view is from the cruise terminal.



Photography by me. Artwork created by me. Jennifer Empey

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