In Kiama

Where is Bombo Quarry?

Bombo Quarry is at Bombo, Kiama, Australia.

And, it lies on the south coast of New South Wales. And, it borders the South Pacific Ocean.


It's knowns as the Bombo Headland Quarry. Which is now closed.


I turned left instead of going under the bridge. And, I ended up at Robert East Reserve. The view from the stone fence looked out over Storm Bay.


Bombo Quarry Walk

After parking the car near the toilet block. From here, the view is over Bombo Beach. Then, off I went and walked up the track to the quarry.

As you will hear in the video below, it was a windy day. And, the walk took me longer than expected.


Bombo Quarry

The geological structure is a mixture of black grey rock and red-brown sandstone. The columns are made of black-grey Bombo latite.


I didn't venture too far as there were boulders, rocks, and rock pools. So, I didn't want to stand too close to the edge.




I'd read about the unexpected waves coming in which could leave you and your equipment wet.


The photography opportunities would be better on a cloudy day, from the hour before sunset, or at sunrise up to the hour after sunrise.



As it was a bright sunny start to the spring day. I made the best of the opportunity to be there. And, experience the strong current hitting its surface.


Australian Photography gives some tips for photographing it.


Bombo Beach

On the way back to the car, you can catch a glimpse of Bombo Beach.


Video of Bombo Quarry

Watch the video to visualize and hear what it's like. Can you imagine what it would be like when the South Pacific Ocean wasn't calm?

Bombo Quarry is at Kiama NSW Australia

Jennifer Empey
Fence with a view

Robert East Reserve


Bombo Beach

Bombo Beach

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In Kiama, you can visit the Kiama Lighthouse and Kiama Blowhole


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The map of Bombo Quarry NSW, and nearby places are found in the NSW Roadtrip Maps.

Bombo Headland Quarry, Bombo, Kiama, Australia

Bombo Quarry Australia

Bombo Headland Quarry

The Walk

Bombo Quarry Walk

Bombo Quarry Australia

Nearly There

Bombo Quarry Australia
Bombo Quarry Australia

Bombo Quarry Kiama

Bombo Quarry Australia
Bombo Beach

Bombo Beach

Breathe Bombo Quarry


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