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Lake Eildon at Boonie Doon lies in country Victoria, Australia on the way to the High Country. It was about a two-and-half-hour drive from the West of Melbourne. And, it's found along the Maroondah Highway.


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Bonnie Doon

In Autumn, there was the opportunity to create photographs at a location closer to the bridge. As the lake near the bridge was mostly dried-up. Although, it was wet and slippery underneath due to the rain. Therefore, you need to exercise care at this destination.

Quite a difference compared to earlier days, in my youth. And, it seems to depict the changes in the environment. Additionally, changes have occurred with the use of the water in the catchment area.

Bridge at Boonie Doon

See the Sunset at the Bridges in Boonie Doon


A sunset shoot was held situated on the banks near the bridges. As you are coming towards the bridges from Melbourne, just before you cross over, turn right down Maintongoon Road. It's only a short distance on the left and there's a dirt road entry into where the boat ramp lies.

Due to mobility issues, I remained upon the banks by the boat ramp. As it is steep and slippery down further. So, you need to exercise care.

There are two bridges over Lake Eildon. The disused railway bridge and the road traffic bridge.  Now, the old railway bridge is a  part of the Mansfield-Tallarook Rail Trail which means you can cycle or walk across it.

Lake Eildon

The sunset was a warm glow and highlighted the warm colors of the lake bed and the surrounding hills.

Towards the right, the water meanders along the lake bed like a river.


Head over the bridge for dinner at the Pub


After sunset, we headed over the bridges to the other side of Lake Eildon. And, on the right is Boonie Doon Hotel. Inside, the toilets are found there. A roaring fire kept us warm. And, we were treated to a warm and hearty country pub meal.

Sunset at Lake Eildon

Experience the Stars at Night in Boonie Doon


At night, the stars lit up the darkness of the night sky. Cars and trucks would drive over the bridge. Their lights lit up the railings and pillars of the bridges.

An opportunity to play with light was created combined with astrophotography.


Bridge at Night Photography
Night Photography

Look up at the Night Sky under the Bridges


It was quite surreal to be sitting on the lake bed during the night under the bridge at Bonnie Doon with a couple of photographers.

Compared to when I was a kid, and it was full of water. So, something I would never have imagined to be doing later in life.

I couldn't help think of all those movies I have watched, and somewhere behind us.

A dam would burst. Then, water would come gushing towards us.

Are you ready to see what you can create with your images?

Night Photography
Bridges on a Starry Night

Stop and check out the bridges in the middle of the day in Boonie Doon


Here, the bridges stand in the warm autumn sun at Bonnie Doon around midday.

Remember, when you visit, respect the environment. And especially, take care around water and underfoot.

What was it like when you ventured to Boonie Doon? Was Lake Eildon filled with water?

Are you ready for your next adventure?

Bridge at Lake Eildon
Bonnie Doon Pin
Bonnie Doon Pin

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