Brim Silo Art Rest Stop

painted Brim Silos in Victoria
Last updated Jun 13, 2024
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Make a rest stop to see the Brim Silo Art

Brim is nestled before Beulah and Hopetoun on the Henty Highway in Victoria.

Picture this, on a road trip for a chilly winter weekend at Hopetoun.

I made a crucial rest stop at the Brim Silo. Mesmerized by the stunning artwork adorning the silos, I couldn't resist another pitstop on the journey back.

Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of the local communities as you traverse the Wimmera Mallee region.

Soak in the landscapes and let the tales of this place captivate your senses.

Pause, breathe, and delight in the beauty surrounding you on your travels.

For this post, I experienced it at my own cost. and the opinion is my own.

Brim Silo Art

The Brim Silo Art is a display of creativity that leaves a lasting impression. Painted by Guido van Helten, a talented Australian artist.

The masterpiece was completed in 2016, and I saw it a few months later. Standing tall at 20 metres, the silos tell a story that captivates the imagination

Make a rest stop to experience the Brim Silo Art for a journey through art and culture.

The mural portrays the resilience and spirit of the local farming community through the life-size depictions of four anonymous characters. 

The rest stop at the silos offers an opportunity to stretch your legs, appreciate impressive art, and soak in the landscape.

Remember to capture this unique mural and share the beauty of rural Victoria with friends and family.

Find out more about the four characters depicted on the silos that appeared in an article by Danielle Grindlay at the ABC.

two people standing in front of Brim Silo Art Art in Victoria

Two people standing in front of the painted Brim Silo on the Henty Highway Victoria

Close Up of the Brim Silo Art

Person standing in front of painted Brim Silo

A person standing close in front of the painted Brim Silo.

The Painted Silo at Brim

Two people standing in front of the painted Brim Silos in Victoria

Two people standing in front of the painted Brim Silo in Vic

Uncover the landscapes of Victoria in The Dry

Venture into the landscape of Victoria. In The Dry, was filmed in the dry agricultural land of the Wimmera Mallee in Victoria. And, Beulah, a town which I traveled through on the way to Hopetoun is featured in the film.

In contrast, its sequel movie Force of Nature The Dry 2, took me on a winter adventure to the lush ancient rainforests in Victoria. I found myself in a cold, muddy, and wet environment compared to the first movie The Dry.

Whereas I traveled in the opposite seasons compared to the films.

Brim Travel Details

Where is Brim located?

You can find the Brim in the Wimmera Mallee of Victoria Australia.

The Brim Silo address is 1991 Henty Highway.

When I went, there was an area off the side of the road to park on the opposite side of the road from the silos. I wanted to park on the opposite side so that it was to frame all the silos in the picture.

And, you can find the location of Brim on the map.

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Brim Silo Art Rest Stop Victoria
Brim Silo Art Victoria

Find more Things to Do

After Brim, I traveled to Beulah the town having location scenes for the film The Dry.

And, you find places along the Great Ocean Road and in the Otway Ranges National Park to visit in my post.

Do you like to visit places where movies have been filmed? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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