Walk along the Beach at Camel Rock Surf Beach

You'll find Camel Rock Surf Beach along the south coast of New South Wales at Bermagui, New South Wales Australia.

You can find more details about my experience travelling to Camel Rock Beach.

The beach is close to Wallaga Lake. I stayed at Wallaga Lake and could hear the waves crashing against the shore.

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Camel Rock in the Background at Murunna Point

Camel Rock

I loved being at the Camel Rock Beach.

You can stand by the rocks, When the tide is out, you can see these geological structures.

It's a place where you can photograph the seascape and rocks. And, you'll feel a sense of the idea of being there.

Jennifer Empey at Camel Rock Surf Beach carpark with Murunna Point and Camel Rock in the background

I am at Camel Rock Surf Beach carpark with Murunna Point and Camel Rock in the background, created by me

Camel Rock Beach

The first time I went to Camel Rock, the tide was in more. So, I only walked up close to it.

On a subsequent visit, the tide was out. So, when the tide is low, you can walk around the rock further along the beach.

You can imagine my surprise when I realized there looked to be more than one big rock.

On one of the drives to the car park. An echidna was walking out of the shrubs onto the dirt road. I stopped. Then, it dashed back into the bush.

Imagine you are up close to the rock. And, you feel how close you can be to the rocks at low tide.

Hear the sounds of being at the Beach. The waves hit against the rocks.

The Beach at Camel Rock

Feel the fresh breeze on your face as it blows. As your feet sink into the sand, they feel heavy as you walk along.

Almost all to yourself

In the distance, there are only two other peeps at the beach.

You have a sense that all this expanse of nature belongs to only you at this moment.

Now, there it is. You walk in the sand towards the rocks.

What do you experience when you walk behind the rock?

What does it feel like?

To have this all to yourself at this moment seems to stop in time. What does it make you feel like?

Away from all the hustle and bustle of living in the city. Your heart skips a beat or two.

And, your heart sings in the joy of this experience. You watch the video. You are reminded that you want to experience it again.

Sun shining on Camel Rock

There I was, standing on the viewing platform. Which is near the car park amongst the bushes.

One minute I'm looking at Camel Rock. All of a sudden, the sun comes out.

And, it shines a small patch on the back top of Camel Rock.  It only lasted for a few seconds. Then, it was gone again.

Do you like to watch sunsets at the beach?

Camel Rock Beach at sunset NSW Australia

The sunset peaks out for something like 5 seconds and disappears again. And, appears on the rear hump. I created the picture of Camel Rock.

Wallaga Lake

The first place to visit at Wallaga Lake is Camel Rock Beach.

By staying in Wallaga Lake, you can visit Camel Rock Beach at different times of the day.

This means you can capture photography in various light conditions. That is sunset, the hour before sunset, sunrise, blue hour, and at night.

Also, it means you can capture different weather scenarios. Like the dark rain clouds rolling in towards the coast.

Get up close to Camel Rock

 And, stand among the camel rocks

close up of the rocks at Camel Rock Beach New South Wales Australia

The tide is out, so you can walk around to the other side of Camel Rock. Look at all the rocks! I created the seascape of Camel Rock.


When Is Camel Rock Surf Beach Patrolled?

Check Beach Safe for current updates on whether the beach is being patrolled or not and beach conditions.

They indicate the beach is usually patrolled during the Christmas holidays, so check for current updates. In spring, when I was here, it was not patrolled.

You can find details listed like

  • Warnings
  • Current temperature
  • Water temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Swell
  • Tide
  • Parking
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • It's known as Haywards Beach
  • It's "rip-dominated"
  • Found at Murunna Point with other 450 million-year-old rocks

Where is Camel Rock Surf Beach?

You can find details for the location of Camel Rock Beach in my post about my experience travelling to the beach.

Videos of Camel Rock Surf Beach

You'll find my videos of Camel Rock Surf Beach on my YouTube channel.

NSW Travel Essentials

You can find NSW travel essentials on my NSW travel page for instance links for weather, beaches, and national park information.


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See Camel Rock Australia
See Camel Rock Surf Beach Australia

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Do you want to visit the beach? Walk in the sand. Would you walk on the sand barefoot?

And, you can take photographs of Camel Rock. Photograph the rocks. Listen to the waves crash onto the shore.

Look out towards the ocean. Where it seems to never stop!

You can go into the town of Bermagui. It's a fishing coastal town. At the harbour, you'll see the fishing boats docked at the jetty on the Bermagui River.

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