Walk along the Beach

at Camel Rock Surf Beach in NSW Australia

Walk in the sand, hear the crashing waves against the rocks, and see the ocean reaching far out into the horizon at Camel Rock Surf Beach.


Where is Camel Rock Surf Beach?

You'll find Camel Rock Surf Beach along the south coast of New South Wales at Bermagui Australia.

You can experience the beach there.


When is Camel Rock Surf Beach Patrolled?

The Beach is patrolled in the summer months.

The summer months in Australia are December, January, and February.

In spring, when I was here, it was not patrolled.


Camel Rock

Imagine you are up close to the rock.

And, you feel how close you can be to the rocks at low tide.

Hear the sounds of being at the Beach.

The waves hit against the rocks.


The Beach

Feel the fresh breeze on your face as it blows.

As your feet sink into the sand, they feel heavy as you walk along.


Almost all to yourself

In the distance, there are only two other peeps at the beach.

You have a sense of all this expanse of nature belongs to only you at this moment.


Now, there it is.

You walk in the sand towards the rocks.

What do you experience when you walk behind the rock?


What does it feel like?

What does it make you feel like?

To have this all to yourself at this moment seems to stop in time.


Away from all the hustle and bustle of living in the city.

Your heart skips a beat or two.


And, your heart sings in the joy of this experience.

You watch the video.

You are reminded that you want to experience it again.



You can then see where is for Camel Rock Surf Beach.



You scroll down to see the videos.


Do you want more?

Then, you can view my photography here.


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Camel Rock Experience

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Camel Rock Surf Beach

Do you want to visit the beach?

Would you walk on the sand barefoot?


And, you can take photographs of Camel Rock.

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