Travel Photography at Camel Rock Bermagui NSW Australia


The Drive

On the drive from Narooma to Bermagui. I took Bermagui Road which turned onto Wallaga Lake Road.

I wasn't expecting to find myself driving on a road with water either side of me.


Then, you cross over an one lane bridge with the water from Lake Wallaga either side of  you.

You will find a few these one-lane bridges in this area. And, you will cross over lakes and creeks as they exit to the bays and ocean.


Camel Rock

Look for the sign for you to turn off Wallaga Lake Road to Camel Rock Surf Beach.  From the car park you can walk to the beach.


The first time I went to Camel Rock, the tide was in more. So, I only walked up close to it.

On a subsequent visit, the tide was low. And, I could walk around Camel Rock further along the beach.


You can imagine my surprise, when I realized their looked to be more than one big rock.

One of the drives to the car park, an echidna was walking out of the shrubs onto the dirt road. I stopped, and it dashed back into the bushes.



I loved being at Camel Rock. Standing there, I felt in awe of these amazing geological structures.


And, you'll have the photography opportunity. And, you sense the idea of being there at Camel Rock Surf Beach.


Camel Rock Surf Beach

You can experience Camel Rock Surf Beach from wherever you are. Take some time for you, to stop and watch.

Travel Photography at Camel Rock, Bermagui, Australia

Camel Rock Bermagui Australia

Camel Rock

Sun shining on Camel Rock


There I was, standing on the viewing platform. Which is just off the car park in amongst the bushes.

One minute I'm looking at Camel Rock. Then, all of a sudden, within the next few seconds, the sun comes out. And, it shines a small patch on the back of Camel Rock.

Amazing sight it was and it only for a few seconds . Then, it was gone again.


Do you like to watch sunsets at the beach?

Camel Rock NSW Australia
Camel Rock NSW Australia

Get up close to Camel Rock 


Camel Rock NSW Australia
Camel Rock NSW Australia
Camel Rock NSW Australia

Camel Rock

Map of Camel Rock at Camel Rock Surf Beach

Empey NSW Australia Camel Rock Map
Camel Rock Bermagui

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See Camel Rock Surf Beach

See Camel Rock Surf Beach

      When is Camel Rock Surf Beach Patrolled? Camel Rock Surf Beach is patrolled in the summer months. The summer months in Australia are December, January, and February. In spring, when I was here, it's not patrolled.            ...

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