On the South Coast of NSW

The first place to visit Wallaga Lake is Camel Rock Beach.


Where is Camel Rock Beach

You look for the sign to turn off Wallaga Lake Road to Camel Rock Surf Beach.  From the carpark you can walk to the beach.


The Drive from Narooma

On the drive from Narooma to Bermagui. You can take the Bermagui Road which turns onto Wallaga Lake Road.


Then, you cross over a one-lane bridge with the water from Lake Wallaga on either side of you.

I wasn't expecting to find myself driving on a road with water on either side of me.


You will find a few of these one-lane bridges in this area. If there is a vehicle coming over the bridge, you wait until they have crossed over it.

And, you will cross over lakes and creeks as they exit the bays and ocean.


Wallaga Lake

By staying in Wallaga Lake, you can visit Camel Rock Beach at different times of the day.

This means you can capture photography in various light conditions. That is, sunset, the hour before sunset, sunrise, blue hour, and at night.


Also, it means you can capture the different weather scenarios. Like the dark rain clouds rolling in towards the coast.

You'll Find Camel Rock Beach at Wallaga Lake near Bermagui Australia



Camel Rock

I loved being there.

You can stand by the rocks, When the tide is out, you can see these geological structures.


It's a place where you can photograph the seascape and rocks.

And, you'll feel a sense of the idea of being there.

Jennifer in the carpark
Camel Rock Beach Australia
Close Beach Photography

Camel Rock Beach

Camel Rock Surf Beach


Camel Rock

The first time I went to Camel Rock, the tide was in more. So, I only walked up close to it.

On a subsequent visit, the tide was out. So, when the tide is low, you can walk around the rock further along the beach.


You can imagine my surprise when I realized there looked to be more than one big rock.

On one of the drives to the car park. An echidna was walking out of the shrubs onto the dirt road. I stopped. Then, it dashed back into the bushes.


Camel Rock Surf Beach

You can experience the Beach from wherever you are. Take some time for yourself. Stop and watch!



You can drive to Bermagui and visit the coastal town. From there, you can drive to Mimosa Rocks National Park.


NSW Roadtrip

You can find other towns and places to visit on a road trip on the south coast of NSW.



And, you'll find the map of Camel Rock Beach.


Sun shining on Camel Rock


There I was, standing on the viewing platform. Which is near the car park amongst the bushes.


One minute I'm looking at the Camel Rock. All of a sudden, the sun comes out.

And, it shines a small patch on the back top of Camel Rock.


It only lasted for a few seconds. Then, it was gone again.


Do you like to watch sunsets at the beach?

Camel Rock Beach Australia

Get up close to Camel Rock


Camel Rock NSW Australia

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Camel Rock Beach

Are you looking for a beach? Where you can spend some time along the south coast of New South Wales.


Walk in the sand. Photograph the rocks. Listen to the waves crash onto the shore.

Lookout at the ocean. Where it seems to never stop.


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