8 Tips to make a Christmas Children' Cookie image at Home


The Christmas Children Cookie Image is a  novelty composite that you can make with your children and grandchildren. Especially during the Christmas and holiday season. Or, it can be made earlier so that you have personalized cards to give.

My granddaughter enjoyed helping to set up the scene. And, being a part of making the image. I think it was cause we made so much mess!


Take Care

Be careful with equipment. And, the floor can be slippery. So, look after yourself, your children and grandchildren.



  1. Be Prepared for the Mess
  2. Lighting
  3. Decorations
  4. Set up the Angel scene
  5. Outfit
  6. Set up your children and grandchildren
  7. Take the photos
  8. Post-Production


Instructions to make the Christmas Children Cookie


1 Be prepared for the mess


Before spreading out the flour.

Have some things for cleaning handy, like a dustpan and broom, hand vacuum cleaner, and towel.


2 Lighting


Set up near a glass door for window light.

And, being by a door helps to take your grandchild and child outside to dust off the flour.

Take the two images in the same space and time. So that, the lighting is the same.


3 Decorations


Use your own decorations that you have collected to use as a Christmas theme.

Rolling pins, Christmas cookie cutters, gingerbread cookie cutters, spatulas, Christmas ornaments.

They are placed around the flour to create the scene.


4 Set up the Angel scene


Spread flour over the floor with your child, children and grandchildren.

A polished floorboard makes for an interesting background.

You will use about 1 kilogram of plain flour.


Christmas Children



5 Outfit


Select a Christmas colored outfit.

Long pants would be better than bare legs. So, there is more color against the flour.


6 Set up your children and grandchildren


Help your child or grandchild to lay onto of the flour.

Then, assist them to swing their arms to create the angel wings.

Next, swing the legs in and out.


7 Take the Photos


You can use your phone, make sure you hold it firmly.

If you use a DSLR, make sure your camera strap is held securely and the strap is around your neck. And, you can use a wide angled lens.

Take an image so that it is flat from above.

Be careful and hold onto your camera.

You will take two photos. Firstly, take one photo with the flour and decorations. Secondly, take one photo of your child or grandchild.

The order of the photographs do not matter. Because, you can spread out the flour over the area to cover the floor.


Set up



8 Post-Production

In Photoshop or another editing software, create layers.

A layer for the background which is bigger than the layer with your grandchild or child.

When cropping your grandchild and child out of the frame, make sure to keep the edges that were made with the arms and legs.

Use a layer mask to blend the two layers together.

Make a square crop.






The final outcome, the Christmas Children Cookie Image Composite



Christmas Children Cookie

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Christmas Children Cookie Pin

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