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Beach Experience at Eden NSW Australia

Eden lies on the south coast of New South Wales Australia. Which is along the Sapphire Coast.


Stay at the Beach in Eden Australia. And, experience the beach by the holiday park. Walk along the sand. See the deep orange cliffs. And, the yachts float in the bay. Then, watch the sunset.



I booked to stay a night at the BIG4 Eden Beachfront Holiday Park. Specifically, because its frontage is on the beach of Quarantine Bay.

I planned to be there at least one hour before sunset so that I could capture the light in the hour leading up to sunset.


The Beach

And, the beach didn't disappoint.

Even though, the sunset didn't take off. The beach and the light before sunset made it the place to be.


I walked around to Quandoa Point along the sand. I loved the deep orange of the rocks of the cliff.


Beach Video

In the video, you can listen to the waves crash.


You'll see the yachts in the distant bay. At sunset, the sun shone across the yachts. There was enough time to see and capture the light.

Travel Beach Photography in Eden

Eden Beach Australia NSW travel photography Empey
Eden NSW Australia Beach
Eden Beach Australia NSW travel photography Empey
Australia Eden Beach NSW

Australia Eden Beach NSW

Breathe at the Beach in Eden

Travel Beach Photography Eden

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