Exploring Day of the Dead in Mexico City


In 2014, we traveled to Mexico City.

We arrived there on the day of Halloween.

So, we could experience the Day of the Dead over the next two days.


On the 1st November and 2nd November, the Day of the Dead is celebrated.

The first day is dedicated to children. And, the second is for adults.


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We participated in a tour organised by Pata de Perro DF on the second day.

Whereby, we traveled by bus out to three towns  in the Milpa Alta area of Mexico City.


You will see my art photography journey of the first town below.



Church at San Pedtro Atocpan


At the first town, San Pedtro Atocpan, we walked around the town, Then, we ate lunch.

And, we visited some churches to see the offerings and the cemetery.


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I was taking photos from outside the building of the banners. They were kind and invited me into the building to take photos of the banners inside.

The banners came in different colors of blue, yellow, purple, green, white, pink, orange, and black.




3 The Church





4 The Cemetery



6 The Dog



5 The Town


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