Experience Fantastic Beasts ™ the Wonder of Nature at Melbourne Museum

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For this post, we experienced it at our own cost. and the opinion is my own.

Fantastic Beasts The Wonder of Nature at Melbourne Museum

I experienced the Fantastic Beasts The Wonder of Nature at Melbourne Museum with my daughter. We had tickets to visit in 2020 at the Natural History Museum in London, however, the pandemic had other plans.

So, I bought the book.

Then when I found out the exhibition was coming to town, I knew we were going to see it. I saw the first movie in the series because my favorite actor is in the movie. Now, that I have been to the exhibition and written this post, I realize the significance of this exhibition.

Step into the Wonder and Magical World of the Fantastic Beasts

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Fantastic Beasts at the Melbourne Museum. Discover the hidden secrets of these mythical creatures and embark on a captivating journey filled with wonder and enchantment. Get ready to be amazed as you step into a world where imagination comes to life.

Experience Fantastic Beasts

  • Have an immersive experience at Melbourne Museum
  • Get this ticket for Fantastic Beasts The Wonder of Nature
  • Explore the crossover between the fantasy and natural worlds.

The Occamy

A plumed, two-legged winged creature with a serpentine body, the Occamy may reach a length of fifteen feet.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


The Occamy welcomes you!

Fantastic Beasts The Wonder of Nature

Lady sitting

Immerse Yourself with the Fantastic Beasts!

Learn the Origins and Characteristics of the Fantastic Beasts

Discover the history behind the creatures. And, you can find out how they came to be a part of the wizarding world.

You can see the mischievous Bowtruckle jumping around in the tree. And, Merpeople, also known as Sirens, Demiguise, and the majestic Hippogriff.

Find out about the unicorns. And see some wand props from the Harry Potter film.

Gain insights into their origins, habitats, and magical abilities.

Unicorn tusk

Feel the Unicorn Tusk

Vanishing Acts

You can see and learn about similar animals in the real world who do vanishing acts like the Adelie Penguin, Veiled Chameleon, Dead Leaf Butterflies, and Jaguar


Dead Leaf Butterflies

Fantastic Beasts Exhibition Review Pros and Cons


Immerse yourself in the world of the Fantastic Beasts

Included entry into the museum

Indoor activity

See some Harry Potter Film props

Engage with interactive exhibits and activities like the Sirens drawers and unicorn tusk.

Showed the correlation of animals in the real world.

Learn about the parallel of saving an endangered species to the natural world




I thought it wasn't clear about the pictures of cameras with the crosses near some items. I asked one of the attendants for clarification. And, it was those items only that were not to be photographed, and there were about five items. When I came home, I found those items are the book (mentioned below).

I found it warm in the exhibition. So wear layers if it is cold outside.

It is a dark exhibition, therefore check for the social story on the museum website.

wall of small doors

The Exhibition Fantastic Beasts at Melbourne Museum

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Fantastic Beasts and uncover the secrets.

Whether you’re a fan of Fantastic Beasts or Harry Potter books or films or simply into mythical creatures, this exhibition is a wonder for you to experience.


Experience Fantastic Beasts The Wonder of Nature

Have an immersive experience at Melbourne Museum. Get ticket details for Fantastic Beasts™ The Wonder of Nature. Explore the crossover between the fantasy world and the natural world that the Natural History Museum London curated for the Wizarding World exhibit.

Save the Natural World

Then I arrived at the last section of the Fantastic Beasts exhibition. And later I read more in the book (details of the book that accompanies the exhibition are in the shop below).

I realise the overarching theme of Newt Scamander for Wizards and Muggles is to save and protect the Fantastic Beasts. At the exhibition, you can find out which Fantastic Beasts Newt helped rescue.

Together with the Natural History Museum, London is doing the same in highlighting endangered species and saving the Natural World.

They are making you aware of the natural world through the correlation of the Wizarding World and Fantastic Beasts to the natural world. And for you to experience its wonders and make it sustainable for the future.

The danger was recognised in time and the species protected ...

Newt Scamander

Fantastic Beasts Exhibition Details at Melbourne Museum

  • Includes entry into the museum
  • From now until 18 October 2023
  • About 5 items with a camera image with a cross through it, you are not allowed to take photos of those items.
  • We paid for car parking underneath the museum. And, you can catch a lift or the stairs up to the museum.
  • Book online or buy tickets at the Melbourne Museum.
  • Refer to the Melbourne Museum website for the Fantastic Beasts ™ trademark details.

Where Is Melbourne Museum Located?

Melbourne Museum's address is 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton.

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Experience Fantastic Beasts The Wonder of Nature

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The Shop

You can buy the book, Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature Exhibition Book, to learn more. I had already bought the book because we had bought tickets to go to the exhibition in 2020 at the National History Museum in London. You'll find chapters including Hidden Creatures, Misunderstood Animals, Endangered Species, and Saving our Natural World.

Other items at the shop are Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature Heat Changing Mug, Fantastic Beasts Floating Niffler pen, Fantastic Beasts Recycled Tote Bag, Harry Potter Trinket Pouch Winged Key, and Narwhal Replica, Giraffe Replica.


Film Book

We also bought another book which is about the first movie, that is not available at the shop. The book, The Archive of Magic The Film Wizardry of The Crimes of Grindelwald, was written by signed Bergstrom and designed by MinaLima. The book has sections on the Nifflers, Mooncalves, Augurey, Kelpie, and Pickett the Bowtruckle. And, the circus part covers Zouwu, Kappa, Firedrake, and Oni.

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Are you looking for an indoor activity on a cold day during winter in Melbourne? The Fantastic Beast exhibition with included entry into the Melbourne Museum is an indoor activity.

Have you watched the movies? Or been to the exhibition?

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