Tips for traveling to see a German band in Europe

German Band Rammstein Show
German Band Rammstein Show

Update: Travel Bans in Australia, UK, Europe, & places around the World in 2020

Fly from Melbourne to London to Zürich

Plan travel from Melbourne Australia to attend a German band live show held in Zürich Switzerland.

Our flight from Melbourne to London is 22 hours 50 minutes. It's a direct flight with one fuel stop. And, we don't get off the plane!

And, the allowance for carry on is 7 kilos. What would you take with you on a flight 22+ hours?



1 Live Show Tickets

Firstly, buy tickets. Without tickets, the plan comes to a grinding halt.

And, buying for this German band in Germany is a harder feat than you can imagine.

In hindsight, I learned that it is better to become a community member prior to an announcement of their tour.  As, members are given access to purchase tickets about 24 hours prior to the general public.

I spent about three hours attempting to purchase tickets for the band in Germany. However, I had so much difficulty attempting to log onto the platform and stay in it to buy tickets. Even though, I had set up an user account ahead of time, it didn't make a difference.

After about three hours, all the stadium shows in Germany did not have seats for two people together.

So, I tried my luck with Zürich. And, I bought two tickets for their stadium show in 2020. Oh, and the tickets for Zürich seemed to be more expensive than Germany.

I bought the tickets in July 2019. 11 months later, we're be heading for my first time to Europe at age 59!


2 Buy the band's new album.

Buy the new album, Deutschland. And, play it on high rotation.

Learn the words of the songs.

On YouTube, you can gauge which songs were played from the album on the band's stadium tour in 2019. Of course, they can change or be omitted.

There are some old favorites that will get air time again.

And, some specific songs for which city and country they are playing.


3 Learn the German Language

Learn the German language helps to memorize the lyrics. It also helps you to become aware of the meaning of the lyrics in your mother tongue. For me, that is English.


4 Book Travel

With the tickets for the band's show not until 2020. It gives you the opportunity to research, watch, and wait for the best time to book your flights and accommodation.

As, I had researched, I had picked a few accommodation. When I received emails  that they were half price. We headed for the travel agent which happened to be the same weekend as their expo. And, we were able to get their deal rates.

Melbourne Show 2011


The last time this German band toured Melbourne was in 2011


Here are a couple of my images of the show. We were very close to the stage. Something. we are unlikely to achieve in Europe.

It was 39 Celsius. Very hot!

We sat in the hot sun for about two hours and waited for their meet and greet. And, were rewarded in meeting each band member. No photos with them were allowed. Meeting them was something that I thought would have been a challenge hard to achieve.

I still remember the show. The loudness of the music, ground shaking, fire, pyrotechnics and the goosebumps as their music started.




Three tips for audience etiquette.


1 Sitting on the top of someone else's shoulders blocks the view of those near and behind you. In addition to creating distractions in their pictures.

2 Wearing a very wide brimmed hat blocks the view of those behind you. Be sun smart yes. But, one of those very wide brimmed Mexican hats on tall people reduces others line of sight to the stage of those behind you.

3 Wear dark colored hats. As, white and light colored hats create unwanted distractions in others pictures and videos.


At live shows, what distractions have prevented you from seeing a band perform on stage?




German Band Rammstein Show


First Time travel to Europe


It will be my first time to travel to Europe.

And, it will be my second time to see their live show.

Here, in Australia, they are unable to bring their full stage for stadiums setup so it will be cool to see them in it. I read there is something like 17 trucks.

If you are wondering how long it takes to set up their stage. Rammstein Official released a video of a 7 day turnaround.


Your First Time travel to Europe


Have you been to Europe? When was your first time?




Update: Travel Bans in Australia, UK, Europe, & places around the World in 2020 - show postponed until 2021

Live Show



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