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Last updated Jul 14, 2024
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Plan and Tips for Traveling to Experience a Metal German Band in Europe

In planning for a trip to Europe to see a German band, firstly you'll need to purchase live show tickets.

For an immersive experience, buy and listen to the band’s new album and learn the words of the songs, learn the German language, and filter the noise with earplugs.

Book your travel and research the requirements of ETIAS to see if they apply to you.

And, I've included tips on audience etiquette.

Travel Plans

The original plan was to fly from Melbourne to London. Stay in London for three nights, then fly to Zürich.

[But in 2020 and 2021, Travel Bans in Australia, the UK, Europe, & places around the World, meant shows were postponed until 2022. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to travel to Zurich in 2022. So the show went on without me.]

Plan Travel To See an Industrial Rock and Heavy Metal German Band

Plan travel from Melbourne Australia to attend a German metal band live show held in Zürich Switzerland.

Our flight from Melbourne to London is 22 hours and 50 minutes. It's a direct flight with one fuel stop. And, we don't get off the plane!

And, the allowance for carry-on is 7 kilos. What would you take with you on a flight 22+ hours?

1 Purchase Live Show Tickets

Firstly, buy tickets. Without tickets, the plan comes to a grinding halt.

And, buying for this German band in Germany is a harder feat than you can imagine.

In hindsight, I learned that it is better to become a community member before an announcement of their tour.  Because members are given access to purchase tickets about 24 hours before the general public. And then, you can still miss out on getting tickets.

I spent about three hours attempting to purchase tickets for the band in Germany. However, I had so much difficulty attempting to log onto the platform. Stay logged in to buy tickets. Even though I had set up a user account ahead of time. It still didn't make a difference.

After about three hours, all the stadium shows in Germany did not have seats for two people together.

So, I tried my luck with Zürich. And, I bought two tickets for their stadium show in 2020. Oh, and the tickets for Zürich seemed more expensive than Germany.

I bought the tickets in July 2019. 11 months later, we will be heading for my first time to Europe!

Well, so I thought...

And, I had bought the tickets with ticket insurance added on, however, it did not include every situation.

2 Buy and Listen to the Band's New Album

Buy the new album, Deutschland. And, play it on high rotation.

Learn the words of the songs.

On YouTube, you can gauge which songs were played from the album on the band's stadium tour in 2019. Of course, they can change or be omitted.

There are some old favorites that will get air time again. And, some specific songs for which city and country they are playing.

3 Learn the German Language

Learning the German language helps to memorize the lyrics. It also helps you to become aware of the meaning of the lyrics in your mother tongue. For me, that is English.

4 Book Travel

With the tickets for the band's show not until 2020. It allows you to research, watch, and wait for the best time to book your flights and accommodation.

As I researched, I picked a few accommodations. When I received emails that they were half-price. We headed for the travel agent which happened to be the same weekend as their expo. And, we were able to get their deal rates.

5 Filter the Noise with Loop Earplugs Experience ~ Best Choice For Concerts and Music

Now, I wear Loop earplugs to filter noise because last year the adverse event. it has made me more sensitive to noise and light. I purchased Loop Experience Pro (Plus), Loop Engage Plus, and Loop Quiet.

Loop Experience is designed to reduce noise up to 18 dB. And you can block noise by an extra 5 dB using the mutes that come with the Loop Experience Plus.

I usually keep the mutes inserted all the time in my Loop Experience Plus. Except for last night, the new neighbors across the road were chanting louder than the television after midnight, so I needed to wear the Loop Engage Plus without the mutes. Therefore, you need to check on the scenario each time.

They come with a carry case and a box with extra tips. And, I carry them with me in the carry case. Because I get triggered when there is dorf dorf music on a subwoofer being played loudly on repeat. I can get no warning when I need to wear them.

And, they are reusable. I found a video on the website about inserting them.

Loop Experience is designed to take the edge off noise levels and bring out the quality of the music at concerts. So, I've found a way I could consider attending the band's show and increasing noise reduction.

I'm a Rose Gold Loop Experience Plus.

What color defines you?

Take control over how your world sounds.

Get Details Loop Experience Earplugs

6 ETIAS: European Travel Information and Authorisation System

ETIAS is planned to start in 2024 for travel to 30 countries in the EU.

Research whether it applies to you and what you need to do to meet requirements.

German Heavy Metal Band in Melbourne 2011

Pyrotechnics at German Band Concert

Getman Band in Concert

The last time they toured Melbourne was in 2011

Here are some of my images of the show. We were very close to the stage. Something. we are unlikely to achieve in Europe.

But the question remains: will they and when will they tour Australia?

German Band

Getman Band in Concert

2011 Big Day Out Show

Very Hot Day! It was 39 Celsius. To help you make sense of that, it's 102 Fahrenheit. Combined with the heat from the stage, it was much hotter.

We sat in the hot sun for about two hours. And, we waited for their meet and greet. Finally, we were rewarded and met each band member. No photos with them were allowed. Meeting them was something that I thought would have been a challenge hard to achieve.

I still remember the show. The loudness of the music, the ground shaking, the fire, the pyrotechnics, and the goosebumps when their music started.

Three Tips for Audience Etiquette

1 Sitting on the top of someone else's shoulders blocks the view of those near and behind you. In addition, it creates distractions in their pictures.

2 Wearing a very wide-brimmed hat blocks the view of those behind you. Be sun smart yes. But, one of those very wide-brimmed hats on tall people reduces others' line of sight to the stage of those behind you.

3 Wear dark-colored hats. Because white and light-colored hats create unwanted distractions in others' pictures and videos.

At live shows, what distractions have prevented you from seeing a band perform on stage?

German Band

Travel to See a Band in Europe

It will be my first time traveling to Europe to see a band.

And, it will be my second time seeing their live show.

Here, in Australia, the band is unable to bring their full stage for stadiums set up so it will be cool to see them in it. I read there is something like 17 trucks.

If you are wondering how long it takes to set up their stage. It's a 7-day turnaround.

Pyrotechnics at German Band Concert

Find Things to Do in Europe

Read my article about the Kaziukas Fair in Vilnius Lithuanian.

Travel to See a Band

Do you travel to see a Band? Have you been to Europe to see a Band?

What tips do you have for traveling to see a band? Leave a Comment!

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  1. I’ve never heard of this band before. I’m not a concert goer as crowds are not my thing so I probably wouldn’t make any trip around a band but, it’s a fun idea.

    • Thank you Wendy. I’m the same, not into crowds. That’s why I couldn’t resist a stadium tour where we can have seats.

  2. This concert sound awesome. I would love to experience this. Never been to Germany. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome Yuri. Hope you do.

      • Wow! That’s commitment to attend a concert in another country! I went to Europe for the first time when I was 40 (Finland for work)…and the second time was a month later (London, Paris, Luxembourg with my family).

        • Thank you kmf. Cool you traveled to Europe twice in a short space of time.

  3. I’m going to have to check this band out because if you’re flying half way around the world to go see them, they must be AMAZING!

    • Thank you for reading. Yes, they are amazing.
      They’ve got a North America Stadium Tour later in the year.
      LA & Mexico City are sold out.
      There’s Philadelphia, Washington, Minneapolis, Chicago, Foxborough, East Rutherford, & San Antonio.

  4. Wow. That is a crazy long flight!! So cool that you got to meet the band; sounds like it was an amazing experience!

    • Thank you Melissa. Probably once in a lifetime experience. Yes, it’s a long flight from downunder.

  5. I’m going to have a listen on YouTube. Looks like it was a concert!

    • Thank you Cathy

  6. I’ve seen many concerts but not this band. While in Europe I did see Elton John in Salzberg which was a great concert. I think it is fun to see bands/artists in different locations. Have fun.

    • Thank you Leeanne. Sounds like your enjoyed your experience.

  7. Haven’t been to Germany. Love all the color!

    • Thank you Diane

  8. I can’t even tell you how jealous my husband will be when I tell him you are flying to Europe to see your favorite band! That is being a true fan right there. That band is lucky to have you. I think you would for sure win biggest fan!

    • Thank you Stacey. You never know, he might do that one day too

  9. This is so fun! I remember listen to a German brand back in high school!

    • Thank you Lisa. It might be the same one!

  10. What an amazing experience. And I agree. I have missed too many a good concert because I was not on their VIP list. Great tip!

    • Thank you Tricia

  11. Wow this concert looks like it was awesome!!! What a fun trip!!!

    • Thank you Lisa

  12. Sounds like a fun thing to do! I love the tip about wearing dark colored hats, I try to to be conscientious of others near me when I am at a concert, but did not think of that.

    • Thank you Jennifer

  13. Concerts are one of the places I’ll fight a crowd!! Never been out of the country for one, but I have traveled across state lines!

    • Sounds like you love your gigs, Julie

  14. We have been to Europe, but never to a concert there. Have fun!

    • Glad you visited Courtney. Thank you.

  15. I love traveling for concerts! Great concert etiquette tips. Now if everyone followed those! ha!

    • Thank you Jordin. Cool, you love concerts.

  16. How exciting! I can’t wait to hear all about it. My first time in Europe was 21 years ago. I went to Paris with friends. I waited another 20 years to go again. I would go every year if I could.

    • Thank you Heather. That’s a big gap between travels.

  17. First visit to Europe was in 1997. Great suggestions with wear dark colored hats for photos.

    • Thank you Missy. That’s a long time ago.


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