In Narooma

Is Where You'll Find Glasshouse Rocks Narooma NSW Australia

How To Get To Glasshouse Rocks?

From the cemetery at Narooma is where you can see a view of the Glasshouse Rocks NSW.

The land near the rocks is private property, so you cannot access it that way.


So, you'll drive on Glasshouse Rocks Road Narooma and keep left along Cemetery Road to Narooma Cemetery.

When you get to the cemetery, turn right and park in the cemetery car park.

Then, you'll see the cliff in the distance in front of you.

You'll walk up to view the Glasshouse Rocks from the top of the cliffs.

My View

I stood at the clifftop near the end of the cemetery to view the rocks. When you are facing the cemetery from the road, it's straight ahead.

It's high up on the cliff, so there's no access there down to Narooma Beach. This is where I have taken my photography behind the fence.

Where are Glasshouse Rocks in New South Wales?

In the map, you can see Glasshouse Rocks. And, you'll find Narooma Cemetery. There, you can see Glasshouse Rocks from the Clifftop.

When is the best time to visit Glasshouse Rocks Narooma NSW?

At low tide, you can walk down to the beach along the sand near them.

According to the locals, for you to get down to Narooma beach, there is access nearby the cemetery. Off to the right of the building, you'll find a white picket fence with a trail to get to the beach.

However, it's difficult and not suitable for everyone. Visit NSW gives details on how to get down to the beach. Be extremely careful because they warn it's not signposted and not suitable for children, the elderly, and mobility-impaired people.


Narooma Cemetery

The view at Narooma Cemetery


Jennifer Empey

At the Cemetery


Glasshouse Rocks Narooma NSW Australia

Glasshouse Rocks NSW

Creative Impression of Glasshouse Rocks


Glasshouse Rocks

Glasshouse Rocks is an amazing set of rock formations located in Narooma that overlook the Tasman Sea. I was attracted to them for their photography qualities. Then, they drew me in for their wonder and formation.

The rocks are made of Narooma Chert. It took about 50 million years to form the geological structure. And they were formed somewhere between 510 and 440 million years ago.

Named for their distinctive glass-like formation, the beach and rocks provide a mesmerizing natural landscape perfect for a calming stroll or an awe-inspiring picnic spot. So, pack a picnic for lunch.

From the shore, you can see Montague Island in the distance where you can go on a seals and dolphins tour.

Make sure to also spot some local wildlife such as lizards, birds, and kangaroos!


Pillow Lava

Nearby on the beach are the Pillow Lava made of the lava flow of submarine volcano.


You’ll sure remember your visit to see Glasshouse Rocks, like I do.

Glasshouse Rocks NSW

The Beach, Coast, and Glasshouse Rocks


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In Narooma, you can see Australia Rock, there was a cliff collapse, the area around has been closed, so check for updates..

From Narooma, you can travel to Camel Rock,

You can find other places and towns to visit on the South Coast of New South Wales.


Glasshouse Rocks

Would you go to the coast to photograph rock structures? Can you see how they resemble the name that was given to them?

You can visit at different times of the day. Do you prefer sunrise or sunset or another time of the day?

Where would you like to visit on the coast?

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