Activities, You Can Do Every Day with Grandma.


You can also use the ideas to do with mothers, mothers-in-law, fathers, grandfathers, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, your kids' grandparents ...

Who is a special person in your life that you can plan an activity to spend time with them? And, would suit them.




Grandmothers Day and Mothers Day


The inspiration for writing this blog about Grandmothers Day and Mothers Day came from being in lockdown.

In 2020 the state where I reside, I was in lockdown. Which meant, getting together for Mothers Day face to face was not possible.

So, it was celebrated virtually.


Now it's 2021. And, it's uncertain what things could be like here or in other countries.

In February 2021, and my state is in a 5-day lockdown! I understand so that we can get to donuts again.

We reached donuts!


But then, the next strain arrived from another state. And, the vax race is on so that my state can open again.

That date is getting closer.




Be Prepared

So, let's think outside of the box.

What can you think of to spend time with your Grandmother

  • virtually
  • face to face outdoors
  • face to face indoors

that is different from previous years?


You can find ideas to share memories and activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren:

  • Childhood Memories to Share with Grandkids

  • What Can I Do to Inspire Creativity?


Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast ~ Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll



1 What Can You Do Virtually for Grandmothers Day


Grandmothers Day Virtual Activities


  • Share your love with a virtual greeting

  • Bake a cake to share

  • Send flowers, chocolates, or a gift

  • Make a phone call

  • Face Time, Skype, or Zoom

  • Organize a family zoom get together

  • Purchase a DVD of a movie or show and have it posted directly

  • Buy music online

  • Buy some crafts, sewing, or DIY kit

  • Send a care package

  • Buy some toilet paper

  • Give Virtual Hugs

  • Send a fruit or vegetable box

  • Send a fresh food package

  • Send a hamper

  • Buy a book

  • Record family history

  • Plan a future get-together

  • Send a card

  • Write a letter

  • Create a story

  • Plan travel

  • Plan a road trip

  • Share a family recipe

Playing a Facetime Game

Play a game on Face Time.(Facebook Messenger)



2 What Can You Do Outdoors on Grandmothers Day Face-to-Face


Grandmothers Day Outdoor Activities
  • Go for a walk together

  • Make a video

  • Take selfies

  • Do something different

  • Walk the dog

  • Go to the cinema

  • Watch a sunset

  • Pick your own sunflowers, strawberries, cherries, corn ...

  • Sit and have a drink at a cafe

  • Walk along the beach

  • Watch hail or snow melt

  • Go for a drive in the country

  • Camp in a camping ground

  • Climb a hill, ranges, or a mountain

  • Spend the day sightseeing like a tourist

  • Explore a town where your ancestors lived

  • Go on a hike

  • Photograph a waterfall

  • Visit the zoo

  • Have a picnic or BBQ at a park

  • Explore a national or state park

  • Wander in a forest

  • Stand next to tall trees

  • Take a boat ride on a river or lake

  • Go on a treasure hunt

  • Find art on an art trail

  • Visit an art gallery

  • Visit a museum

  • Plant a garden

  • Take a road trip

  • Collect wildflowers

  • Go to a water park

  • Spend the day at a theme park

  • Discover a new town

  • Go for a bike ride

  • Look for butterflies and dragonflies

  • Go for a swim

  • Sit outside under the stars in the moonlight

  • Jump in puddles

  • Stand in the rain

  • Go bird watching and photographing

  • Attend a pilates or yoga class

  • Enroll in a painting class

  • Pick flowers in the garden

  • Listen to the waves crashing at the beach and coast

  • Visit a farm

  • Stop and look at a rainbow

  • Help in the garden

  • Photograph a landscape

  • Listen to the bird's chirp

  • Look at the clouds

  • Play cricket on the beach or in the backyard

  • Draw hopscotch with chalk and play hopscotch

  • Fly a kite in a park

  • Photograph the milky way and the stars

  • Play tennis

  • Play catch the ball

  • Smell the roses

  • Visit the botanical gardens

  • Visit a historical site

  • Find statues and monuments

  • Visit a ghost town

  • Explore an old mining town



3 What Can You Do Indoors on Grandmothers Day Face-to-Face


Grandmothers Day Indoor Activities
  • Give a Hug

  • Bake together

  • Share a meal

  • Sing some songs

  • Make a video

  • Take selfies

  • Buy music

  • Do something different

  • Make something creative

  • Create a painting

  • Play hide and seek

  • Play cards

  • Play a board game

  • Read a book

  • Play charades

  • Learn to knit, crochet, sew, or embroidery

  • Make a smoothie

  • Plan a trip

  • Ask about your family history

  • Record a conversation

  • Collect family recipes

  • Make a family photograph

  • Draw a picture

  • Write a story

  • Play lego

  • Paint each other's nails

  • Do coloring

  • Research a town where your ancestors lived


Grandmothers Day

Pick your own Sunflowers in the Sunflower Field

Pick your own Sunflowers

Take a Roadtrip

Sunflower Field Victoria

Go for a Walk

Drive to the Country

Jennifer Empey

Take Selfies

Do it with your grandkids. I think it's more fun.

Outdoor Activities to do with Grandmothers
Grandmothers Day Things to Do
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Virtually, Outdoors, Indoors

In whichever situation you find yourself in. There are activities that you can do virtually, outdoors, and face-to-face.

What activities can you think of to do for or with your Grandmother?

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