Great Keppel Island Australia

Fly from Melbourne via Rockhampton to Great Keppel Island

In 1980, I flew from Melbourne to Rockhampton in Queensland.

On route by another small airplane flight to Great Keppel Island. GKI for short.

Here is a picture representation of what it was like on the island back then.

Photography was quite different due to cameras and being non digital. Thus, photo taking was much less in quantity due to the expense of developing film. And, the photos with me in them, were not taken by selfies weren't really a thing back then. The post-production for this post were created by me.

When I holidayed at GKI. It was a resort like accommodation with everything included. I remember, every day there were organised activities that you could participate in. At these events, you could meet other people.  There were walks, swimming pool race which included eating a cold pie and drinking a warm beer, cruise on the boats, the boom nets, and Hawaiian Night.

On one of these walking group activities, I met Sue. And even though we are in different states, we are still friends today,

My favorite dish was the Moreton Bay Bugs.

"I got wrecked on Great Keppel Island" is the slogan on the t-shirt.

GKI today is very different to when I went about 40 years ago. About two years ago, most of the resort was demolished after standing derelict for around a decade.



Empey Jennifer GKI Queensland Island Australia 1980
Empey Jennifer GKI Queensland Island Australia 1980
Empey Jennifer Australia GKI
GKI Island Queensland Australia 1980
GKI Queensland Australia 1980
GKI Island Queensland Australia 1980

The Boom Nets off the side of a Boat

The boom nets off the side of a boat was my favorite activity at GKI.

From the side of the boat, you slid out along the boom. Then, you went down into the nets whilst the boat was moving. The water current was so strong that you had to hold onto your shorts. Luckily, someone had lent me their shorts. And, I helped others back up higher onto the nets out of the strong current. It definitely wasn't an activity for bikinis.

Empey Jennifer GKI Queensland Island Australia Boom Nets

Great Keppel Island

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