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Experience HHN at Universal Studios

Halloween Hollywood

Each year, Halloween widens its reach here, in Australia, compared to the past.

I will always remember the Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando in 2014.

Since then, you can also find it held in Singapore and Japan.

You need a ticket specifically for an HHN when they are released each year.

I ventured out and did one night each at Hollywood and Orlando in 2014. I screamed and laughed so much.

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For this post, I traveled at my own expense.

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood

The night in Hollywood

As you can see the night is dark with coloured lights. So, it's a good idea to take a map or download the app on your phone because you can use Universal's free Wi-Fi at the park and Universal Citywalk.

Organize a designated meetup spot in case you become separated from anyone in your group.

I booked a Sunday night. Because a few days before, my daughter and I had been through the park and backlot during the day. I knew our way around and was prepared for the nighttime event. It also meant I had been on some rides, and knew our favorite rides. And, my daughter and I knew the rides that she and II wanted to do again. That meant my daughter and I could focus on the haunted houses, the terror train, and the scare zones.

When my daughter and I lined up to enter the studios, many people were going to enter the gates all at the same time. So, my daughter and I headed toward the backlot of the park and worked back from there.

Buy some water and snacks to take with you before going to the terror train and backlots. Because my daughter and I rode on the terror train and then walked through the backlot. So, it was a while before the two of us were back at the front of the park again, Check the details to see if they are still doing the terror train.

Tip: Read the rules before you go.

Back then when my daughter and I visited, Harry Potter was being built. And Fast & Furious supercharged ride was planned to be built.

Night View at Universal Studios

The picture I created at HHN at night

The Buildings at HHN Hollywood

The buildings were lit up with colored lights and spotlights.

Building at HHN

Picture I created at HHN of the buildings

The Lights at HHN Hollywood

The lights shone brightly in different colors and white.


Buildings at Universal Studios Hollywood

The picture I created at HHN of the lights

The Shadows at HHN Hollywood

The shadows on the ground created a spooky kind of atmosphere to the vibe.

Around this area and the buildings was The Walking Dead maze.


A picture I created at HHN of the shadows

The Purge Scare Zone

In this zone were bright lights and white spotlights that moved positions regularly.

The other scare zone was the Mask-a-Raid which was set in France before the Revolutionary War as a masquerade ball.

People walking in maze at HHN

Picture I created at HHN of the Purge Scare Zone

The Haunted Houses in 2014

In 2014, the haunted houses I experienced were Clowns 3D and Slash music, From Dusk Till Dawn, An American Werewolf in London, Dracula Untold: Face Off, Reign of Blood, and AVP: Alien vs Predator

Tours & Things To Do in Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood

My daughter and I visited Universal Studios in Hollywood on a VIP Tour.  I had booked the tour for a few days before the separately ticketed event, HHN, which I booked for a Sunday night.

Back then, Harry Potter was being built, and Fast & Furious supercharged ride was planned to be built.

Join a guided VIP tour of Universal Studios Hollywood where you can skip the lines at participating rides, ride a trolley and tour the movie sets, and have a breakfast buffet and gourmet lunch. Experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Fast & Furious Supercharged.

Check Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Tour Details Click Here

Spend 1 or 2 at Universal Studios Hollywood of rides, and shows, and participate in a tour of the movie studio. And, visit Citywalk.

Check Universal Studios Hollywood Ticket Details Click Here


Where to Stay Universal Hollywood

I decided to stay at a hotel close to Universal Studios Hollywood with my daughter. So, I picked the Sheraton Universal which is on Universal Hollywood Drive, Universal City.

What I liked that ended up being convenient was it included a shuttle that I caught outside the front of the hotel that took me to and from Universal Studios and Universal Citywalk for free. The shuttle also went down to the bottom of the hill. From there, I found it was a short walk to the subway and bus terminal.

I could also walk up and down the hill, even though it was a steep incline because it was less than 300 meters down to the subway. And, there was a supermarket down the hill on the other side of the freeway where I could walk to get some supplies.

On the subway, I could go into Hollywood and see the sights in Hollywood. And, catch buses to other destinations of interest.

The Sheraton Universal is now a travel-sustainable property.

Get details and prices book online click here


Hollywood Things To Do & Tours

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Halloween at Universal

Next stop, read about my experience at HHN Orlando.

Have you experienced a Halloween Horror Night in Hollywood? Or in Orlando, Singapore, or Japan? Share your thoughts with me!

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