Halloween at Home with AmazingCo

AmazingCo gifted (sponsored) the "Halloween at Home" activity to me.

This featured post is my words and my experience with the "Halloween at Home" activity.

Are you looking for a group activity that you can do together? And, some of the people in the group can be virtual.

This post contains affiliate links. I may earn compensation when you make purchases, at no extra cost to you.

Family Activity

I planned to do the activity with my kids and grandkids.

We needed to do it virtually because in my city we are in lockdown.

We found it easier if someone in each household logged into the challenge. 

And, make sure there is a mirror handy to decipher the clues.


What to do with kids at home for Halloween?

You can book the AmazingCo Halloween At Home experience.

The instructions give you a list of things to prepare in advance.

For example, the list includes treats and Halloween-themed songs.

In the Halloween At Home eBooklet, it includes ideas for costumes and food.

Do you make your own costumes for Halloween?

Then, when you do the experience. There are 14 Halloween-themed activities you can do as a family.


Pumpkin Points

You can tally points up for the activities as individuals or as a group.

And, see who the overall winner is for the challenges.

What Can You Experience?

You can do the Halloween experience as a family and include the kid's grandparents too.

We participated in deciphering clues, played games virtually and with pen and paper. And, physically like we played the pumpkin smash.

There are activities specifically for kids and for adults.


The Experience

What is handy about the experience is that you can include others virtually to participate.

For instance, if your kids' grandparents are in lockdown or live in another part of your state, country, or another country. Or even if they are not well enough to commute they can be included.

We did our experience as a video call with Facebook Messenger.

Book Online

You can book online at AmazingCo.

AmazingCo experiences are available in Melbourne, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other places.

Is there an experience near you? Click on the link to see if there is one near you.

This post contains affiliate links. I may earn compensation when you make purchases, at no extra cost to you.


Halloween At Home with AmazingCo is available for a limited time!

Pick your date between 15 and 31 October 2021.




  • Pre-planned Activities

  • 14 Halloween-themed Activities

  • Dress-Up in Halloween Costumes

  • Can play at home

  • Can include other families virtually

  • Can get together with other families to play the activities face-to-face

  • Hide and Seek Treats

  • Make Halloween Food

  • Decorate the house in Halloween-theme

  • Spend time as a family, Grandparents, Kids, and Grandkids

  • Include the kid's grandparents virtually

  • Activity at home due to restrictions or lockdown so you can still have a Halloween-themed time

  • Play as individuals or as a team in the 14 activities to score Pumpkin Points

  • Receive instructions to prepare in advance

  • Decipher Clues

  • Tell Jokes

  • Play the game, Pumpkin Smash

  • Play Halloween-themed music

  • Have Fun together!


He did the Monster Mash

... It was a graveyard smash

~ "Monster Mash" Bobby "Boris"Pickett & The Crypt Kickers, Bobby Pickett

Jennifer Empey in a Vampire Costume for Halloween

Dress up in costume for Halloween

Mine, I wore for my daughter's 21st.

Halloween a Virtual Experience at Home  


Dress up in your costumes for Halloween. And, get ready to do the activities and play the games.


Virtual Halloween Experience

Get Prepared for the Halloween Activities

Prepare for the Activity!

  • Food

  • Costumes

  • Treats

  • Decorations

  • Songs

When you have booked the Halloween at Home experience.

AmazingCo sends a list of things to do to prepare for the experience.


Halloween with kids

Halloween-Themed Activity

Listen to one of the Halloween-themed activities.

Let's do the Time Warp again
It's just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right
With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
~ Time Warp: Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell

Experience To Do List

Use the Experience To Do List to fill in the details of the things to prepare and to do on the day for the Halloween At Home experience.


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Halloween At Home Activities

Remember, this experience was mine. Your experience will be different and you can make it your own.

What are your plans for Halloween?

Are you looking for a planned experience for Halloween?

Then click on the link below to learn more. And, you can book the Halloween At Home with AmazingCo.

This post contains affiliate links. I may earn compensation when you make purchases, at no extra cost to you.

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