Reminiscing Halloween. Where to spend Halloween.


Each year, Halloween  widens its reach here, in Australia, compared to the past.


I will always remember the Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood and Orlando.

We ventured out and did a night at both in 2014.

We screamed and laughed so much.


I thought the Mike Myers House in Orlando was the scariest.

But then, there was the clowns chasing us with their chainsaws.


At HHN in Orlando, we had tickets during the day to both parks. So, we were allowed to stay within the park in the Harry Potter area when the park closed. Then, as HHN opened. We started the houses from the back of the park.  And, we moved towards the front and opposite to the crowds.

I  think it was when we got to the third and fourth houses,. That, we were caught up in the long queues waiting to get inside. Even, the fast past queues were long.

By the end of the day, my feet were so sore. As, we had walked all day and night. And, I could hardly walk.

 Fortunately, we had a boat ride back to the hotel.

2 The Building



3 The Lights




4 The Shadows


5 Purging 



6 The Bayou 



Photography by me. Artwork created by me. Jennifer Empey



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