Are You Looking for Ways to Save for Travel?

Ways to Save for Travel

Are you looking for ways to save for travel? Well, it is challenging! And yet not impossible. Even though saving for travel feels overwhelming.

In this article, you can find some travel-saving tips to help you towards your travel goals.

  • Set a Travel Goal and Travel Budget
  • Plan Ahead, Be Flexible, Research, and Compare
  • Apply for Travel Rewards and Travel Cashback Programs
  • Subscribe to Travel Newsletters for Discounts, Deals, and Alerts
  • Find Ways to Save for Travel

It takes time to save for your dream holiday.

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Would You Like to Go on a Holiday?

Yes, that's me!

Well, read this article and let me know if there is something that could help you save for your holiday. Be creative!

How to Save for Travel

  1. Set a Travel Goal and Travel Budget
  2. Plan Ahead Be Flexible, Research, and Compare
  3. Apply for Travel Rewards  and Travel Cashback Programs
  4. Subscribe to Travel Newsletters for Discounts, Deals, and Alerts
  5. Find Ways to Save for Travel
  6. Research Ways to Save When Travelling
Holding a travel bag with a train in the background

1 Set a Travel Goal and ​Make a Travel Budget

Where do you want to go? How long do you want to go? When do you want to go? How will you be traveling? What time of accommodation do you want to stay in? Who will you be going with or meeting up with?

Depending on these factors can determine the cost. So many questions to be answered? And, then there is food, drinks, incidentals, gifts, and shopping.

First, you will need to make a travel budget so then you can determine how much you can spend on your holiday. Decide how much you will save and how often. And, track your savings in a spreadsheet or an app.

​2 Plan Ahead, Be Flexible, Research, and Compare

Plan ahead and research so you can work out things like when to travel in the off-season or quiet season when it's not school holidays, not public holidays.  And when is the best weather to travel for your comfort? What days museums are open? And, what days are shops open and closed?

For instance, in a country we planned to visit the shops were closed on Sundays and the museums and galleries were closed on Mondays. So, we planned to shop on a Monday and go to museums and galleries on a Sunday.

Be flexible, which days of the week are better to catch flights or what time of day to drive into cities to avoid peak hour traffic? During the week, find the deals that give you an extra night of the week for free. When is it best to eat out at a restaurant to avoid surcharges on weekends?

When it comes to comparing, you can compare prices in the cashback programs. And, you can still compare prices with the airline, travel agencies, and hotel's official websites, too.

I'm a person that likes to plan ahead. However, what I learned from the pandemic, is not to plan some things too far ahead without an automatic full cancellation policy option. For the majority of things that I booked, it was very easy to be refunded. However, even though I had booked the train tickets in Europe with cancellation, it wasn't higher enough to get a full refund. So, I won't book the train that far in advance again.

​3 Apply for Travel Awards and Travel Cashback Programs

Travel Awards Programs mean that you can earn points and use them for travel and other expenses. Research travel awards programs that you can use when shopping which then can be used for travel-related expenses.

Keep track of your rewards. Make sure you read the terms of their programs before joining. [And, refer to banks, financial institutions, and third parties for their requirements].

Booking travel through a cashback site or app allows you to earn back cash for eligible travel expenses. One such provider is WayAway with their WayAway Plus Membership Plan which is a yearly plan.


WayAway and WayAway Plus

WayAway is a flight aggregator. It compares flights and finds airline tickets and travel deals of major US and global airlines and agencies.

You can filter between

  • Baggage Requirements
  • Flight Details
  • Layovers and Overnight Stays
  • Luggage recheck


Learn more about WayAway Click Here

WayAway Plus

WayAway shares via a cashback program, WayAway Plus. by giving back to its members a percentage of the bookings. And, it offers customer support and travel content from active travelers. It has an annual membership plan. You can set up price alerts to find out about limited-time bargains and price drops.

Some of the current WayAway Plus Cashback Rates for members include

  • Flights
  •  on selected deals on accommodation
  • Klook
  • Viator
  • GetYourGuide

Make sure you read the Terms of Use and look for any exclusions and restrictions before applying for a membership plan.

Learn more about WayAway Plus, Membership Plan Pricing, and Cashback Click Here

​4 Subscribe to Travel Newsletters for Discounts, Deals, and Alerts

Subscribe to travel agencies, sites, blogs, tours, hotels, cashback, rewards, and program alerts that you are interested in to find out the latest news, discounts, tips, and alerts for sales and time-limited offers.

You can also find out information on ideas for travel.

***Always be on alert for suspicious websites, emails, apps, texts, and calls, and report them.***

5 ​Find Ways to Save for Travel


  • Be Sustainable
  • Find Ideas and Implement Ways to Reduce, Repurpose, Recycle, and Reuse
  • Share and Borrow, for instance, Travel Accessories
  • Participate in free and low-cost activities like community festivities
  • Join your local library activities and workshops, state and national libraries
  • Join a local craft group
  • Cook at home, pack your lunch
  • Reduce household bills like utilities
  • Sell unwanted things
  • Unsubscribe to subscriptions
  • Use discounts, compare prices, and wait for sales
  • Walk, hike, or ride a bike instead of using a private electric or motor vehicle
  • Plant a vegetable garden
  • Travel, shop, and eat local


[In this article, banking, financial institutions, and similar third-party services and products have not been addressed. Refer to them for their requirements and guides.]

What ways can you recommend to save for travel?

The view from the plane out the window of the clouds

Find ways to reduce your flights and reduce your impact on the climate

How to Save When Travelling

6 Research Ways to Save When Travelling

  1. Eat like a local
  2. Buy some food, drinks, and snacks at local supermarkets and markets, and use local discounts
  3. Use a refillable water container
  4. Join Local Loyalty Discount Programs for Shopping, Food Outlets, and Restaurants
  5. Find Free or Low-Cost Walking Tours and Activities like Museums, Gardens, and Art Galleries
  6. Use free or low-cost modes of transport like walking, hiking, riding a bike, and public transport
  7. Be sustainable when travelling
  8. Find ideas and implement ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurpose when travelling


What ways can you recommend to save when travelling?

On a walking tour of a hotel in Mexico City.

Walking Tour

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Saving Money for Traveling

What ways can you recommend to save for a holiday?

And, ideas for saving when you are traveling? Leave a Comment!

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