Travel Inspires Creativity


What can I do to Inspire Creativity?


Here are the Top 5 Things you can do to Inspire Creativity in Travel Photography

Its goal is to improve your travel photography so that you can draw the viewer's eye to the stories you want to tell.

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There are five tips with ideas for you to set goals, projects, and challenges.

So, you can create it in your own way.

And, satisfy your soul and tell your story.


To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage.

~ Georgia O'Keeffe


The 5 Tips that you can for Travel Inspires Creativity are

  1. Be an Individual, Unique, and Develop your Own Style.

  2. Learn New Techniques.

  3. Experiment, and Practice, Practice, Practice.

  4. Be Inspired by all types of Creatives, Makers, and Mediums.

  5. Set your Goals, Projects, and Challenges.

Use these 5 tips to inspire your travel creativity

Back Story

How this blog post came about. Another photographer at my local camera club asked how am I creative. Photography has given me a voice and a platform.

Where, I have been recognized for being creative, different, and innovative through my photographs.

So, I'll share the kinds of ideas that have assisted me to be creative.


Where to Start

You can start with an iPhone / Android, point-and-shoot, or a DSLR in auto mode, like me.

This way you can build on your composition techniques and not worry about the camera settings.

What can I do to Inspire Creativity?


1 Be an Individual, unique, and develop your own style

Being an individual and unique inspires me to be creative. I set the goal to develop my own style. Over time, I learned new photography, art, and post-production techniques that lead to my own personal style.

Due to chronic illnesses, there are times that I cannot keep up with others due to the pain. So, I need to be my own person and be different to stand out. For instance, the advice is to take different angles of the subject to get the shot. Sometimes, it is difficult for me to get down closer to the ground. So, find ways that you can adapt to your limitations.

So, I adapt to those limitations. I develop my own unique style. For instance, at a camera club weekend at St Arnaud in Victoria, my feet and ankles became so swollen that it was painful to walk. In order to participate, all I could do was sit in a chair. And yet, one of my images achieved first place at the camera club's A Grade Astro-photography competition in July 2018.

Being unique and adapting to your abilities allows you to tell your story through your eyes and experiences. Your creativity inspires you. And, it takes a hold on you to keep on creating.

What is the story you would like to tell?

To help you:

  • focus on your passions.
  • look for inspiration from creatives in different types of mediums.
Leaves in Tree

2 Learn new techniques

Learning is a continual driving force. Build knowledge about photography and art composition, and camera techniques to give you more options. You can join your local camera club, and attend conventions. Additionally, there are online courses and workshops. membership clubs, and closed Facebook groups to participate in. What takes you out of your comfort zone?

Invest in your learning. Enroll in online and face-to-face courses. Some have fees. The good news is there are many free courses out there too. Learn techniques that are not in your genre too. Especially, the new skills you learn can build and develop your own photography interests.

Tips for learning new techniques:

  • Learn new photography and camera techniques to build your skills.
  • Set your goals, projects, and challenges with a timeline to achieve these.
  • For example, you can find composition techniques to learn. And, use your camera in manual mode.
Twelve Apostles Great Ocean Road Victoria Australia

3 Experiment and Practice Practice Practice

Then, use the new techniques that you have learned. Experiment and find new ways to create something different. The more you experiment and practice new techniques, the more creative you become.

Be innovative and resourceful in your thinking.

And, practice, practice, and keep practicing. Before long, you find yourself innovative.

It leads to creating something unique and individual to you that sets you apart.

And, you can

  • experiment with different techniques.
  • combine some of your favorites together. See what you can come up with.
  • practice, practice, practice, until you reach your desired effect.
  • experiment some more.
Glasshouse Rocks NSW

4 Be Inspired by all types of Creatives Makers and Mediums

Creative Makers like:

        • Photographers

        • Artists

        • Content Creators

        • Writers

        • Filmmakers

        • Designers

        • Producers

        • Speakers

        • Musicians

Creative mediums that can inspire you are

        • Art

        • Photography

        • Sculpture

        • Drawing

        • Mixed Media

        • Art Journal

        • Watercolor Painting

        • Oil Painting

        • Acrylic Painting

        • Music

        • Film

        • Video

        • Writing

        • Textiles

        • Crafting

        • Making

        • Scrapbooking

        • Sewing

        • Knitting

        • Crocket

        • Embroidery

        • Illustrating

        • Designing

        • Reading

        • Podcasts

        • Quilting

        • Drawing & Writing Comics

        • Build Lego

        • Baking

        • Cooking

Visit and participate in

        • Art Galleries

        • Photography Galleries

        • Museums

        • Exhibitions

        • Workshops

What other places can you visit to find inspiration?

To encourage and inspire your vision and creativity, look at

        • the story

        • the mood

        • the lighting

        • the aesthetics

What will you seek out to inspire photography creativity?

Inspire Creativity by the Coast and Sky at Phillip Island Australia

5 Set Your Goals Projects and Challenges

Set yourself goals for the short-term and long-term. Where do you want to be in the next 91 days? And, where do you aspire to be in the next 12 months?

Challenge yourself with projects. Projects help to keep you focused on a goal. And, it frees your mind to be creative in thinking up unique ideas that reflect you.

For instance, my project on the You Yangs in Victoria saw a series of four of my images entered in the Australian Photography Magazine. And, I achieved Highly Commended in the Landscape Category 2017. Being recognized inspires you to set new goals and projects. And, can inspire you to be an individual and unique.

Take a leap of faith. Explore and express yourself through your photography.

Satisfy your soul. Enjoy your journey.

What can you do to inspire photography creativity?

  • set goals and projects to help you develop your personal style and inspire your creativity.
  • take small steps toward your goals.
  • set personal projects to help you satisfy your soul and create on your terms.
  • find the freedom to be you. So that, your photography can reflect your creativity.


Travel Inspires Creativity

Set yourself travel photography goals.  These five tips you can use when you travel and go on experiences. Set a goal for your next trip for a new skill that you will use.

Through visiting museums and art galleries you can be inspired to create. In your travels, the landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, nature, and architecture that you see can inspire you to create. So, travel inspires creativity.

Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures

Remember the 5 Tips to Inspire Creativity


1 Be an Individual, Unique, and Develop your Own Style.


2 Learn New Techniques.


3 Experiment, and Practice, Practice, Practice.


4 Be Inspired by all types of Creatives Makers, and Mediums.


5 Set your Goals, Projects, and Challenges.


3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Start Now!

photograph, make, create, draw, sculpt, paint, use mixed media, art journal, write, DIY, craft, sew, knit, crochet, embroider, quilt, make a podcast, watch films, make films, make a video, scrapbook, listen to music, create music, sing, read, illustrate, design, cook, bake ...

Which one will you do first?

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5 Tips to Inspire Creativity
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Travel Inspires Creativity

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Remember, what is the story you want to tell? Leave a Comment!

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