Kiama Blowhole is Near the Lighthouse

You'll find Kiama Blowhole in Kiama on the south coast of NSW Australia.

I visited Kiama Blowhole and Kiama Lighthouse in the coastal town of Kiama.

The blowhole is near to the lighthouse. It creates spectacular geyser-like bursts of water every time waves crash against its rock platform.

Both attractions provide great photo opportunities and unforgettable sights.

They're situated in a popular spot making it worthwhile. So, you'll want to visit them, too.

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For this post, I traveled at my own expense.

Kiama Blowhole

Kiama Blowhole NSW Australia

Kiama Blowhole

Have you seen a blowhole in person?

It's amazing how the force of the ocean causes the water to burst up through the hole in the rock.

You can see and hear the force of nature at the blowhole.

On my YouTube channel, you'll find a video of the blowhole.

Where is Kiama Blowhole?

It's nearby to the Kiama Lighthouse on the headland.

They are both on Blowhole Point Road and are within walking distance of each other.

You can view the location of Kiama Blowhole on the map.

Kiama Blowhole NSW Australia

Kiama Lighthouse

The classic lighthouse stands tall on a headland overlooking the ocean.

You can see my photographs of Kiama Lighthouse.

You’ll find more things to do on the headland in Kiama in my post.

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Kiama Blowhole NSW Australia

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Kiama Blowhole Australia
See the Blowhole At Kiama

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