See the Lighthouse at Kiama


See the art creations of my Kiama Lighthouse Photos


Kiama Lighthouse

My goal was to take Kiama Lighthouse photos at different times of the day.

In particular, during the day, within the hour before sunset, sunset, blue hour, and at night.


The NSW Road Trip

I drove from Katoomba in the Blue Mountains along the south coast of NSW Australia.

On the way, there are some opportunities to stops for photography.


Kiama NSW

The next overnight stop was Kiama Australia.

The place had ocean views. However, there were signs that it will be renovated into townhouses.


It's in a great location close to the town and the Kiama Lighthouse.

Kiama Lighthouse Photography

At Day

Kiama Lighthouse Photography


Kiama Lighthouse

Kiama Lighthouse sits on the headland, Blowhole Point.

The address is Blowhole Point Road.


And, the Kiama Lighthouse parking surrounds it.

Thus, you can visit the Kiama Lighthouse at different times of the day for photography.


And, the Kiama Blowhole is near the lighthouse. It's within walking distance.


Kiama Visitor Centre is located on Blowhole Point Road.

You'll find next door, the Kiama Pilot's Cottage Museum which was built in 1880.


Kiama Lighthouse Cabins

On Blowhole Point, you'll find the Kiama Harbour Cabins.

They are nearby the lighthouse and the blowhole.

So, you can walk to see them.

Where is Kiama Lighthouse in New South Wales?

See the map below for the location of the Kiama Lighthouse.


Day and Night at the Kiama Lighthouse

You can photograph the Kiama LIghthouse during daylight after sunrise, sunset, blue hour, and night.

Here's my art photography created from my Kiama Lighthouse photos.

Kiama Lighthouse Photos: Sunset and Blue Hour

Embossed on the Kiama Lighthouse is the Anzac centenary logo:


Years of


The Spirit Lives


Kiama Lighthouse Photography

At Sunset


At Sunset

Kiama Lighthouse Photography

At Sunset


At Blue Hour

Kiama Lighthouse at Night

Kiama Lighthouse Photography

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Kiama Lighthouse

You can go on road trips to Bombo Quarry and Cathedral Rocks.


After Kiama, head further down the south coast of NSW.

Find other places to visit on the NSW road trip.


Until you reach the next destination, Wallaga Lake.

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