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Kiama Surf Beach NSW Australia created by Jennifer Empey
Last updated Jun 16, 2024
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Things to Do at Kiama

Visit the Kiama Lighthouse and Blowhole in NSW Australia

The next overnight stop was Kiama Australia. The place had ocean views. However, there were signs that it would be renovated into townhouses.

It's in a great location close to the town and the lighthouse, blowhole, museum, and visitor center. You can visit beaches, go on walks and hikes, photograph Bombo Quarry and Cathedral Rocks, whale watching. Keep reading to find more things to do in Kiama.

For this post, I traveled at my own expense.

Things to Do At Kiama

  • Drop into the Kiama Visitor Information Centre
  • Visit and Photograph Kiama Lighthouse at different times of the day and night
  • Watch the Kiama Blowhole
  • Visit and photograph Bombo Quarry
  • See and photograph Cathedral Rocks
  • Visit the Pilot's Cottage Museum
  • Go on the Kiama Coast Walk
  • See Storm Bay on Blowhole Point and read the story about the clearing of the rainforest
    • Check for Storm Bay conditions on Beachsafe
  • Watch the boats at the jetty in the Harbour
  • See the Blowhole Point Rock Pool
    • Follow Water Safety Rules, do not swim when stormy conditions
  • See the Kiama Lighthouse Cabins
  • Go walking and hiking on the beaches, coast, national parks, and nature walks
  • Make a picnic or BBQ
  • Visit and walk along the beaches
    • Kiama Surf Beach
    • Kendalls Beach
    • Easts Beach
    • Black Beach
    • Bombo Beach
    • Jones Beach
    • The Boneyard Beach
  • Go for a walk around the town
  • Do some night photography from Blowhole Point of the town
  • Whale watching at the Minnamurra Whale Watching Platform
  • Visit the Kiama Family History Centre
  • Pack a picnic and walk or ride a bike at the Bonaira Native Gardens
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Things to Do Near Kiama

  • Walk in the treetops at Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures
  • Make a picnic and go for a walk on the beaches
  • Visit the beaches, white sandy beaches in Jervis Bay
  • Go walking and hiking on the beaches, coast, and national parks
  • Visit Saddleback Mountain Lookout
  • Visit Minnamurra Rainforest and Falls, affected by closures, and check for updates
  • Participate in Jamberoo Action Park Activities
  • Walk on the Illawarra Lookout Walking Track
  • Go on a picnic and walk the Macquarie Pass National Park, check current alerts
  • Visit Killalea National Park
  • Watch the birds at the River Road Reserve Bird Watching Area, Shoalhaven River in Shoalhaven Heads
  • Walk around the Shoalhaven Heads Native Botanic Garden
  • Go on a train ride, steam, diesel, and miniature, at the Illawarra Light Railway Museum
  • Take a Southern Highlands and South Coast Tour via Kiama Blowhole, get details Southern Highlands & South Coast Tour Via Kiama Blowhole

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Visit the Kiama Lighthouse

I experienced the charm of the lighthouse on the headland as it shone bright, illuminating the natural splendor of its surroundings near the blowhole.

It has stood tall since 1887. And, guided seafarers through the treacherous coastlines for over a century. So, it represents the maritime history of Kiama.

I found the opportunity for photography at Kiama Lighthouse at different times of the day. And, you can see my photography in my post about the lighthouse. And, you can experience it too.

Kiama Lighthouse NSW Australia created by Jennifer Empey

Kiama Lighthouse that I photographed when I stayed at Kiama

See the Kiama Blowhole

Have you seen a blowhole in person?

I found watching the force of the ocean creating the water to burst up through the hole in the rocks amazing.

And, I could see and hear the force of nature at the blowhole.

It's nearby to the lighthouse on the headland on Blowhole Point Road. And, they are within walking distance of each other. You can find more information in my post about Kiama Blowhole.

Kiama Blowhole NSW Australia

Blowhole roars up into the air © Jennifer Empey

Kiama Visitor Centre

Find things to do at the Visitor Information Centre located on Blowhole Point Road.

Pilot's Cottage Museum

Next door, you'll find the Pilot's Cottage Museum which was built between 1880 to 1881. It was the workplace and home of the officers in charge of the harbour. Now it's the home of the Kiama Historical Society and Museum.

Kiama Lighthouse Cabins

On Blowhole Point, you'll find the Kiama Harbour Cabins. They are near the lighthouse and the blowhole. So, you'll see them as you walk and drive past.

Get Details Kiama Lighthouse Cabins click here

The Town

In the town, the walk across the road warns pedestrians to give way to vehicles. You can do night photography at the Headland looking back towards the coast.

Street Sign Kiama

Caution Sign

Give Way Sign Kiama Blowhole

Look Sign on the Road

Nighttime at Kiama

Night Photography

Jervis Bay Cruises

  • Whale Watching Cruise
  • Jervis Bay Dolphin Cruise
  • Boom Netting Experience
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Kiama Travel Details

NSW Travel Essentials

For NSW travel essentials you can find information and links to weather, national parks, and beaches information on my NSW travel so you can find the details on my New South Wales travel guide.

Where is Kiama Lighthouse and Blowhole in New South Wales?

You'll find them on the headland near each other on Blowhole Point Road. They are within walking distance of each other.

And, you'll find the visitor centre, museum, and cabins on Blowhole Point.

And, you can view the location of Kiama on the map.


Best For Overlooks the Harbour and Ocean,  The Sebel Harbourside Kiama

Best For Located minutes from the main beach, Kiama Hotel 617

Best For 18 months old and within short walking distance of the beach, Nova Kiama

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Things To Do At Kiama NSW Australia
Kiama Things To Do

Places to Visit on the South Coast of NSW

Next, head further down the south coast of NSW. In my post, you'll find things to do on the coast of NSW.

Until you reach the next destination Wallaga Lake. In my post, you can find a place to stay and things to do in Wallaga Lake.

Where would you like to visit on the coast? Leave a Comment!

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  1. Kiama looks like a really fun place to visit. The blow hole is pretty cool.

    • I appreciate all your thorough posts about Australia! I’d love to explore Kiama.

      • Thank you for reading. Thanks! Hope you get to explore the coast.

    • Thank you for reading. It’s rather mesmerizing waiting then watching water spurt up the blow hole.

  2. I love lighthouses! This one is really pretty. I also like checking out features like blow holes. We went to Acadia National Park in the U.S. last summer, and we got to check out some of those cool features. I hope I can make it to Australia one day.

    • Thank you for reading. The national park you visited sounds cool to visit, too. Hope you get to visit Australia!

  3. So many cool things to do in Kiama, Australia. I especially love your photo of the blowhole.

    • Thank you for reading. Thanks! There’s lots things to do and photo opportunities in Kiama.

  4. Lisa is a huge lighthouse fan! This is an awesome list of things to do in Kiama. The blowhole looks amazing!

    • Thank you for reading. Glad you like the lighthouse and blowhole.

  5. What a gorgeous location with so much to do! I would love to visit Oz one day! I’ve been meaning to because we have family there,but something has always gotten in the way.

    • Thank you for reading. Hope you visit Australia and your family

  6. I love seeing blowholes! What a great place to visit!

    • Thank you for reading. Yes, amazing wonders of nature!

  7. So many fun things to do! I love to bird watch and enjoy being outside.

    • Thank you for reading. They go together. I find it hard to photograph birds in focus when they are moving!


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