Embark on the Mystery Picnic in the Dandenong Ranges Force of Nature: The Dry 2

It's the Amazingco Mystery Picnic with a movie tie-in, Force of Nature: The Dry 2.

Immerse yourself in a behind-the-scenes Australian bush experience of the movie for a limited time.

Discover hidden gems. Marvel at stunning vistas. Create memories as you share your experience with your friends and family.

Join in, and satisfy your thirst for exploration. And you'll support local communities.

Please Note, that you won't find spoiler alerts for the Mystery Picnic and the movie in my post.

This post contains affiliate links. I may earn compensation when you make purchases, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

For this post, I experienced it at my own cost. and the opinion is my own.

Mystery Picnic Food

Get details of the Mystery Picnic Dandenong Ranges Force of Nature: The Dry 2, available for a limited time.

​Discover the Experience of the Mystery Picnic

Embark on an adventure as you unlock the secrets of the Mystery Picnic. Immerse yourself in a world of unraveling clues and riddles designed to transport you into the realm of the movie.

And you'll find the cast and crew's behind-the-scenes stories. Marvel at landscapes and unearth treasures.

Indulge in your picked-up curated picnic ingredients in the Dandenong Ranges.

Immerse Yourself in the Thrill of the Unknown

Venture somewhere new on a Mystery Picnic where you'll visit local communities and collect food offerings. Be adventurous and try something new to eat and a place new to eat surrounded by nature.

Explore the local area in a new way with a Mystery Picnic where you go on a scavenger hunt. You unravel clues and puzzles to pick up offerings for your picnic and activities to do.

Support local communities. Immerse yourself with nature.

Get Details Mystery Picnic for Friends

Lolly Shop

The lolly shop where my daughter bought us a $5 lucky dip each. I noticed people were stopping to take photos with the shop as the background.

​Mystery Picnic Food

The food is catered to your needs. You'll find that the offerings that you receive can be different from the selection of food that my daughter and I have.

For some items, you can be given choices, plus it can be tailored to your dietary requirements. Dietary needs including vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan are catered for at no extra charge.

The picture below represents a sample size of the food that my daughter and I collected. Because I used this size to create the display for the pictures.

Mystery Picnic Eperience


Would You Go on an Amazingco Mystery Picnic Again?

Yes, my daughter and I would go on a Mystery Picnic again. My daughter said she would like to go on a solo Mystery Picnic. And, she would like to go on another Mystery Picnic with a different navigator for a different experience.

Tips for the Mystery Picnic

  • Check the weather conditions and wear appropriate footwear, so you know how to dress. Especially, for extreme weather warnings if you are going bush.
  • The night before unravel the first clue for your first destination. Especially if you are not local to the Dandenongs and have to travel a distance. For example, my daughter and I had an hour's plus drive to the Dandenong Ranges.
  • Making sure to pack a cooler bag with ice packs to keep the food and drinks cool is a good idea. Because my daughter and my Mystery Picnic experience was on a warm day in February. And it was 30°Celsius.
  • Later on, because it was a warm day. My daughter and I thought, that we could have gone earlier before the first food pick scheduled time. And visited one of the activities instead of later in the day when it was a lot warmer.
  • Take your rubbish home with you. I noticed there were signs indicating for me to take my rubbish home.
  • Pack a picnic blanket in case there are no free picnic tables
  • A little picnic table would be handy. So you can set it up in the shade on a sunny warm day and the food is off-ground level.
  • When there was a choice. My daughter and I picked different options and took a bread knife so they could be cut in halves and share them.

Mystery Picnic Packing List

  • Picnic blanket
  • A little picnic table
  • A Cooler Bag and ice packs
  • Picnic Bag
  • Plates and cutlery for each person
  • Bread knife.
  • Cheese knife and board, if cheese is being included
  • Air-tight container

What Did You Like About the Amazingco Mystery Picnic?

My daughter and I liked the fun. My daughter liked unraveling the different clues and puzzles.

She and I found out about filming facts to tie in the movie with the region that surrounds us. And, there aren't spoiler alerts for the movie. She and I plan to go to the movie.

I liked the mystery of the unknown and at each destination, I did not know where we were going until the next clue was unraveled.

My daughter and I were impressed with the quality of the food.

And, that she and I supported the local communities.

What was it like in the Picnic Spot?

My daughter and I had our picnic in a garden which was surrounded by tall trees. It was close to the entrance.

There were two picnic tables, however they were both occupied.

So my daughter and I set up on the grass with a picnic blanket. One of those little picnic tables would have been handy to have so the food was higher off the ground. I use a walker and I could sit on it.

She and I talked about moving when one of the picnic tables was free, however, it was in the sun. So, she and I decided to stay where we were under the shade of the trees.

The public toilets were close by.

I felt it was nice and cool to sit in the shade of the trees even though it was much warmer in the sun.


Do you need a car? Is there car parking available? Is there disabled parking?

Yes, you will need a car for the Mystery Picnic. Car parking is available. At some places, it was street parking and at others, there was off-street parking in a car park.

At one venue, it was very hard to get a car park close by. So my daughter found one a far distance away. So, I waited near the car and my daughter walked there. My daughter found that at the venue it was very busy and there were many others on an Amazingco experience picking up their food too.

The only disabled parking I found that was empty and could be used was outside the toilets down the road from the lolly shop.

How Long Is the Mystery Picnic Experience?

Amazingco allows three to four hours for the Mystery Picnic. And, you can go longer to explore the area.

I have mobility impairments that slow us down.

Do you receive a map of the area?

Yes, in one of the steps, you'll find the instructions to pick up a map that includes places of interest and things to do.

You'll need a mobile phone to do the Mystery Picnic because it's a digital experience. And, you'll unravel the clues and find the destinations to pick up the food and find the picnic spot. In the steps, there are activities and places to visit, too.

And, you'll receive instructions on how to download an offline Google map of the area.

Mystery Picnic Experience in the Gardens

Relax in the gardens after the picnic.

Who Can You Go on the Mystery Picnic with?

  1. Friends
  2. Friend
  3. Mother-and-Daughter
  4. Girlfriend
  5. Adults
  6. Boyfriend
  7. Friend
  8. Partner
  9. Sister
  10. Brother
  11. Wife
  12. Husband
  13. Family
  14. Colleague
  15. Adult Child

Who else would you go on the movie tie-in Mystery Picnic with?

Jennifer Empey at the R.J. Hamer Arboterum Lookout
Jennifer Empey

Me at the picnic in the gardens with the tall trees

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Mystery Picnic Dandenong Ranges
Mystery Picnic Dandenong Ranges Force of Nature The Dry 2

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Mystery Picnic Experience

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Get details of the Mystery Picnic Dandenong Ranges Force of Nature: The Dry 2, available for a limited time.

Who would you go on a Mystery Picnic with? Leave a Comment!

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