Embark on a Journey at the National Gallery of Victoria

Experience the wonders of the Triennial International Exhibition 2024

Immerse yourself in the free exhibition which ends on 7 April 2024. Uncover the hidden treasures that await you on all four floors of the NGV.

You'll find 100 innovative projects that were created by 120 collectives, artists, and designers.

I visited the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) to see the Triennial International. I recommend at least a day at the gallery to see the Triennial to see all the exhibits.

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The Water Wall at NGV

The Water Wall at NGV is a sight to behold with its display of cascading water.

I can see the water wall captured in the below picture with the project designed by Julian Charrière projected onto it.

And, I notice that the water wall becomes a canvas for his project. It creates a fusion of art and nature.

As I admire the image. I find the vibrant green hue that the water wall has taken on, gives it a unique and enchanting allure.

I step inside the art gallery. And I am greeted by the project's fountain adorned with dancing flames radiating shades of red.

The contrast between the serene green exterior and the fiery interior creates a captivating juxtaposition that leaves me with a lasting impression.

I was mesmerized by the dome that appeared and the way the water wall turned a green color outside the art gallery. And, inside the gallery, I witness the stark contrast of the fountain-illuminated flames and shades of bright red.

Julian Charrière project at Triennial National Gallery of Victoria

The Water Wall and Julian Charrière

Five of the Triennial Projects at NGV

Here, I present five Triennial projects at NGV created by Franziska Furte, Fei Yining, Yinka Shonibare, Lehuauakea, and Lin Fanglu that I captured below.

Franziska Furte

I step into the world of Liquid Skies, also known as Gyrwynt. And, I transcend into the depths of hurricanes through a fusion of infrared satellite images.

I explore the details and hidden patterns of the atmospheric marvels. As I witness the balance between chaos and tranquility.

Jennifer Empey with JMW Turner painting in background

J.M.W. Turner

I am pictured with the J.M.W. Turner painting, Falls of Schaffhausen (Val d'Aosta).

The painter, Turner, is one of my favorites.

And, his painting was part of the inspiration for Franziska Furter's project.

Franziska Furter project at Triennial NGV

Franziska Furter

Fei Yining

I am intrigued by Fei Yining's Duke of Apple in the Vile Oubliette.

My eyes are drawn towards the shades of pink and purple.

I find the image it evokes is of a mysterious being shaped in an armchair-like form.

Fei Yining project at Triennial National Gallery Victoria

Fei Yining

Yinka Shonibare

I can see the Roman Sphinx from the British Museum with a hyena mask of the Bamana people.

I find it delves into the connection between African artifacts and Western societies.

And, tradition is challenged.

Yinka Shonibare project at Triennial NGV

Yinka Shonibare


Upon gazing at the wall, my eyes are drawn to the presence of Mele O Nā Kaukani Wai.

I find that Indigenous ecological wisdom and Western science are embodied in the battle against environmental challenges.

Lehuauakea project at NGV


Lin Fanglu

She's four seasons, highlights the profound and enduring connection between people and textiles.

I find that the old craft of tie-dying, knotting, twisting, and tying fabric by hand is inspiring.

Lin Fanglu project at Triennial NGV

Lin Fanglu


Where Is NGV Located?

You can find the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne at

180 St Kilda Road Melbourne

For directions, go to the Map

What are the NGV hours?

The NGV Hours are Open Daily 10 am - 5 pm

Is the NGV Triennial free?

Yes, you can enter the Triennial for free.

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Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the Water Wall and the Triennial at the NGV before the Triennial ends.

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