NSW Roadtrip

First, I planned a NSW Roadtrip.

So, at the end of August and the beginning of September, I traveled by road from Victoria to Canberra, to Sydney.

Then, traveled around New South Wales Australia.

Here, August is the end of winter, and September is the start of spring.


I had never been to the southern coast of NSW. So, after the Blue Mountains that was my main destination on the way back from Sydney.




You can see the map of places to visit in the NSW Roadtrip Map below.




Then, it was only a few months later, that the areas I traveled, were ravaged by the fires.

I would like to dedicate my post to all the brave people who helped to combat the fires, helped the people, wildlife and property,  and those affected by the fires.

Australia is a great southern land with much beauty and terror.


Tourists to the towns and regions affected by the fires in NSW and other states like Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, and ACT. They would help these towns and the businesses affected by the fires. It's not just the towns that were directly impacted, other towns and regions have been affected by people staying away.


The slogan #emptyesky has rained. Whereby, you visit with an empty esky. So that, you can buy food, drinks, and produce when you visit these impacted towns and regions.


1 Mimosa Rocks

Mimosa Rocks National Park NSW Australia

My favorite place on my travel along the south coast of NSW.

On the way, there was an Echidna in the middle of the road. So, I needed to hit the dirt to avoid a collision with the Echidna.

Imagine driving on a dirt road for kilometers. You feel like you drive up and down a big dipper. Along each side of the road, you are surrounded by tall trees. Mounds of shells.

At the entrance to the campground, there are two wallabies standing watching you in the middle of the road.

There are no other cars in sight. You are the only person there to experience the nature of this place.

The beach is made of pebbles. You walk over this gigantic uneven terrain of a mound.

On your way down to the pebble beach. You walk on wooden planks of the boardwalk.

An area that is of Aboriginal significance.

And, you think to yourself.

I love this place.

Where is Mimosa Rocks National Park in New South Wales

In the below map you'll see the Aragunnu Campground in Mimosa Rocks National Park.

2 Wallaga Lake

Wallaga Lake NSW Australia

My favorite place that I stayed was at Wallaga Lake in a cabin. Outside of the cabin, you would hear the sounds of the lake.

And, behind you were the sounds of the waves of the ocean crashing on the beach.

Wallaga Lake

3 Australia Rock

Narooma NSW Australia

Would you believe there is a rock in the shape of Australia? And, when you look through the rock, it looks out over the ocean.

See the post: 3 Places to Visit in Narooma Australia

Australia Rock Narooma

4 Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures

Illawarra Ranges NSW Australia

There, you can walk along the track in the treetops or zipline through the treetops.

Have you experienced or plan to experience a walk through the treetops?

See the post: Experience Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures


Illawarra Fly Treetop NSW Roadtrip

5 Blue Mountains

Katoomba NSW Australia

In the Blue Mountains, there are many places to stop and check out the view. The most famous is the Three Sisters near Katoomba.

Pictured here is at the Boars Head Lookout.

Blue Mountains NSW

6 Camel Rock

Bermagui NSW Australia

Camel Rock lies on the beach along the southern coast of NSW.

I walked up close and took some pictures on my first visit.


On a subsequent visit, I walked further around Camel Rock. And, to my surprise, would you believe there is more than one Camel Rock.

So, I was in photography dreamland. See my photography at Camel Rock.


Do you want to see some more of Camel Rock? For a virtual experience, then look at my video of  Camel Rock Surf Beach.


And, Horsehead Rock is another place to visit which is nearby. However, I didn't get to experience Horsehead Rock.


Camel Rock on a NSW Roadtrip

7 Kiama Lighthouse

Kiama NSW Australia

The lighthouse at Kiama is easy to get to by drive or walk from the town.


Nearby is the Kiama Blowhole. It has you memorized waiting for the water to come blowing out of the hole.


Photography at Kiama Lighthouse shows a picture story of daylight, sunset, blue hour, and night art photography of my journey at the lighthouse.


Kiama Lighthouse NSW

8 Bombo Headland Quarry

Kiama South NSW Australia

Along the south coast of New South Wales at Bombo, Kiama is the Bombo Headland Quarry.

It can be quite dangerous here when the ocean is wild. The unique structure of Bombo Quarry is a photography destination. It's better to go at sunset or sunrise instead of during a bright sunny day.

Experience Bombo Quarry

Bombo Quarry NSW Australia

9 Hyams Beach

Jervis Bay NSW Australia

There are many beaches of Jervis Bay. At Hyams Beach, the sand is white.

At the beach, the sun shone. The skies were clear. The waves crashed upon the shore.

The beach is nestled close to the town.


I remember the white sandy beaches of Great Keppel Island in Queensland. The sand would squeak as you walked.

You can experience what Great Keppel Island would have been like to holiday in 1980.


Hyams Beach NSW Roadtrip

10 Glasshouse Rocks

Narooma NSW Australia

This is the view of the Glasshouse Rocks high up on the cliff at the cemetery.

Getting down to the beach is not possible near the rocks as it's private property.

I met a couple whilst I was there. They were looking for the way down to the beach. It's near the cemetery.

However, I didn't venture down, as it might be a bit steep for me.

Glasshouse Rocks NSW Roadtrip

11 Cathedral Rock

Kiama Downs NSW Australia

Along a winding track, you can see Cathedral Rocks.

As can be seen, the tide was in, so I didn't venture far.

Cathedral Rock NSW Roadtrip

12 Bermagui

Bermagui NSW Australia

Bermagui is the last major town before driving towards Mimosa Rocks National Park.

Bermagui lies along the Sapphire Coast on the south coast of New South Wales.

In the town, there is a Visitor Information Centre which has information and maps about the area.


Bermagui NSW

13 Eden

Eden NSW Australia

At Eden, I stayed at a holiday park which has the beach and bay as its doorstep. Which looked out further to the South Pacific Ocean.

The color of the red rock is amazing. See the blue of the water. And, experience the walk along the sand around to the point.


And, you can visit the Eden Lookout and Rotary Park for Whale Watching when the season and conditions align.


There, you can stay in Eden at the holiday park.

Eden Beach NSW

14 Batemans Bay

Batemans Bay NSW Australia

I couldn't resist a quick stop at Batemans Bay as I traveled along the southern coast of NSW.

And, I remember driving past the turnoff of Mogo Wildlife Park.

As the bushfires ravaged New South Wales, they reminded me of the places that I had traveled.

Batemans Bay NSW Roadtrip

15 Ulladulla

Ulladulla NSW Australia

Ulladulla is another town along the southern coast of NSW where I made a stop.


It is situated on the Princes Highway. And, there is parking by the Ulladulla boat harbor.

Ulladulla NSW

16 The Rainbow on the Great Dividing Range

The Rainbow

And, I have left the most amazing experience to the last.

You can drive from Eden to Canberra. And, across the Great Dividing Range.


The scenery wasn't what I was expecting. It was rather barren, within a plateau with the ranges in the distance. And, it was cold and windy.


As I was driving, I could see a rainbow. As I drew closer. there weren't any distractions. It seemed so huge across a paddock, not so far away.

It was like I could see the ends of the rainbow. I was in awe.


Where is the end of the rainbow?

Rainbow Great Dividing Range

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