Empty Tank Journey

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Seeking Collaborations to Create & Share Digital Content with my Travel Photography History Readers

Jennifer is looking for collaborations in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and the World.

She travels solo and with her adult daughter.

Her strengths are creativity, photography and post-production. creating her website, and designing social banners.

Types of Collaborations

  • Sponsored Destination Visits, Stay, and Travel
  • Sponsored Resort Visits and Stays
  • Sponsored Photography Posts
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Social Media and Banner Design Projects
  • Event Coverage
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Video Posts

Travel Photography History

Empty Tank Journey

Empty Tank Journey & Jennifer Empey

Be inspired and see Australia and the World through Jennifer's stories and artistic impression and expression.

She helps you to be creative in your photography for your blogs, social media, and websites.

Her mission is to help you on your creative journey.

Empey Jennifer Travel Photography History Australia
Empey Jennifer daydream island Australia



Empey Travel GKI QLD Australia



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