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Teotihuacán Mexico City Jennifer Empey

Seeking Collaborations to Create & Share Digital Content with my Travel & Lifestyle Readers

Jennifer is looking for collaborations in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and the World.

She writes about family and solo travel.

Her strengths are creativity, photography, and post-production. creating her website, and designing social banners.

Types of Collaborations

  • Sponsored Destination Visits, Stay, and Travel
  • Sponsored Resort Visits and Stays
  • Sponsored Photography Posts
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Social Media and Banner Design Projects
  • Event Coverage
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Video Posts

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Empty Tank Time

Daydream Island for the Day

Daydream Island for the Day

Daycation I toured for a day on Daydream Island. On a daycation from a cruise ship docked off Airey's Beach. I caught a boat to the island.   I ate a buffet lunch. And, walked around the island. A man with his buggy gave me a lift back to the jetty.   Since...


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