Phillip Island Seascapes

Seascape at Phillip Island Australia
Last updated Jun 15, 2024
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Phillip Island and Seascapes to See and Things to Do

You'll find my collection of eight art and abstract Phillip Island seascapes. They have been created as a coastal and beach series by me to inspire creativity.

Phillip Island is situated off the coast of Victoria, Australia.

On a cold winter’s windy day, I visited.

Later on that day, along the coast I waited for the sunset. Then, the rain rolled in.

I like to push the dimensions of my photographs into another realm. In doing so, I like to express my aspiration for the places I have been.

That is to ultimately breathe into my soul. My intention is for them to feel the beauty of nature. And, for you to create.

What inspires you in your creative place?

Do you like the beach, coast, seascape, landscape, mountains, rivers, or lakes? Or do you prefer a city or an urban landscape? Wherever inspires you. It's your place to curate collect, and create.

So, see my Phillip Island Seascapes. And, let them inspire you to go out to nature for you to create.

8 Beach and Coastal Art Photography of the Phillip Island Seascapes to inspire creativity


Beach Seascape

1 Breathe - Seascape of the beach at Phillip Island

Sand Dune at the coast

2 Reach - Sand dune at the beach

Beach at Phillip Island Australia

3 Drift - Beach at Phillip Island

Coastal Seascape Artwork

4 Splash - Rocks at the coast 

Seascape at Phillip Island Australia

5 Pivot - Coastal rocks at Phillip Island

Coastline at Phillip Island Australia

6 Swirl - Coast at Phillip Island

Coast at Phillip Island Australia

7 Float - Seascape at Phillip Island

Rain on the coast at Phillip Island Australia

8 Hover - Clouds at Phillip Island

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8 Beach Coastal Art Photography to Inspire You to Create
Phillip Island Seascapes to Inspire Creativity

Things to Do in Phillip Island

What would you want to do at Phillip Island?

Among the things to see are the coast, beach, penguins, whales, dolphins, seals, pelicans, and koalas.

What will you do? Leave a Comment!

You'll find other things to do in Victoria like:

Do you like visiting fields of flowers? At Dunnstown near Ballarat, during the season there's the Sunflower Field, where you can pick your own sunflowers.

Visit country Victoria for photography at Bonnie Doon.

In my post, you can find places to visit on the Great Ocean Road.

And, find more ideas in my Victoria travel guide.

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  1. They are all very beautiful. I love photography and these abstracts create a sense of healing. I enjoy landscapes and nature scenes.

    • Hi Mimi
      Thank your for your comments.
      It’s amazing to experience the scenes.

      • Wow – these are beautiful. I love how some of them look like paintings but I adore the drama of the black and white photo. Stunning work.

        • Thank you Jen for your comments. I love the drama too.

  2. Wow, beautiful! I think I love #7 the best. It reminds me of an acrylic painting. You have captured some perfect beauty in all these pictures and I love the way you “abstracted” them up.

    • Hi Jeanne
      Thanks for your comments.
      I’m glad to find out which you liked the best.

  3. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite but Float is certainly speaking to me! Thanks for sharing your lovely works of art!

    • Thank you Lee Anne for your comments. I love the cloud how it floats.

  4. Wow! I so love how different and unique each piece of art is! Very cool

    • Thank you Katie for your comments.

  5. Wowee! These are photos?!? Incredible. I especially like #7 and #8… You have an amazing eye and are incredibly talented <3

    • Thank you Amber for your comments. Thanks, I love to create.

  6. Beautiful works of art ! Absolutely lovely.

    • Thank you, Dee


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