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And, provide inspiration for creativity and learning techniques

Read the photography books that have inspired me on my art photography journey. And, I have incorporated it into my travel photography.

Hope that you find some inspiration for your creative journey.


Meet the photographers:

  • Kirsty Mitchell
  • Alain Briot
  • Harold Davis
  • David DuChemin
  • Julianne Kost
Werribee River Victoria Australia

K Road Cliffs Werribee


1 Wonderland

by Kirsty Mitchell

An awesome work of art, design, and photography. I am so amazed by her artwork, that I was a participant in the Kickstarter for her first book. And, purchased her first edition, signed by Kirsty, and my name is listed in the credits.

Exhibitions of the Wonderland photographs or the whole series continue...  It would be amazing if some of her Wonderland images come to Australia.



2 Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style

by Alain Briot

Briot's personal style inspired me to want to learn about art composition. He is the photographer who introduced me to the idea of having a personal style. From there, I made it a goal of mine to develop my own personal style.

Enjoy your journey toward your personal style!



3 Photographic Flowers: Exploring Macro Worlds

with Harold Davis

Davis's use of lightboxes inspired me to use a lightbox to create images. I developed my own style to use the lightbox by turning the images into abstracts in post-production. In How to Create a Lightbox Photo, the image of three leaves on the lightbox is processed into a painterly abstract. And, the lightbox is much smaller in size compared to his.

Enjoy your journey by creating images of flowers, leaves, and nature on a lightbox!



4 A Beautiful Anarchy: when the life creative becomes the life created

by David DuChemin

DuChemin's words inspire me to be creative on my terms. Do not listen to the naysayers. You have the freedom to create your own art.

Enjoy your journey of creating on your terms!



5 Passenger Seat

by Julieanne Kost

At the VAPS (Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc) convention at Bendigo in 2015 is when I participated in presentations by Julieanne Kost. She was quite adept at bringing humor to a technical subject.

Her fascination with creating abstract images using intentional camera movement whilst a passenger in a moving car inspired me.

This technique contributed to developing my own personal style which evolved from there.

Enjoy your journey into the abstract with intentional camera movement!

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