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Experiences for Couples, Families, and Friends at AmazingCo


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Are you looking for an experience that you can gift?

Or are you looking for a picnic experience with a secret location?

And you solve clues and riddles to find the destination.


Do you like to go on scavenger hunts with a couple, family, or friends? Then, step inside to discover more.

Mystery Picnics Melbourne

Secrets and Surprises: Embark on a Mystery Picnic Adventure in Melbourne

Unveil the secrets and surprises of Melbourne with a picnic adventure. Picture yourself on a day in a picturesque park and a basket of picnic treats.

But there's a twist. You have no idea where you're going or what surprises await you along the way. And, you'll be on a unique experience that combines a scavenger hunt with a picnic.

As you follow clues and solve puzzles, You could be guided to some of Melbourne's secrets like hidden alleys, gardens, and landmarks.

And, you never know what unexpected discoveries you might stumble across.

Whether you're a foodie, history buff, or adventurous type, experience the mystery picnic Melbourne.

Popular Locations in Melbourne

You'll find a mystery picnic Melbourne laneways is a popular location. And, you can encounter vibrant street art, cafes, boutiques, shops, and bars. Immerse yourself in the street culture.

Another location is the Royal Botanic Gardens with its lakes, gardens, views, secret paths, sculptures, and unexpected surprises.

Unleash Your Sense of Adventure

Pack your curiosity. Go on a scavenger hunt. Get ready for a picnic. Embark on a journey and explore Melbourne. Indulge in gourmet treats.

Immerse yourself in a Mystery Picnic Melbourne Experience.

Melbourne is waiting to be discovered.

Book your mystery picnic today.

Couples, Family, and Friends

Mystery Picnic Experience

Mystery Picnic Destinations

Experience by AmazingCo

It has a secret location for you to decipher the clues, riddles, and puzzles to reveal where to go.

And, you do the same to discover the places to pick up the picnic food on the way to the destination.


Mystery Picnic Melbourne

  • Melbourne Laneways
  • South Yarra and Botanic Gardens
  • St Kilda Surrounds
  • Melbourne CBD Weekend


Mystery Picnics in Victoria

  • Ballarat
  • Geelong
  • Bendigo
  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Beechworth
  • Grampians
  • Dandenong Ranges
  • 12 Apostles
  • Bellarine Peninsula
  • Yarra Valley
  • Road to Phillip Island
  • Macedon Ranges
  • Phillip Island
  • Road to Otways - coming soon
  • Sovereign Hill - coming soon
  • Port Fairy - coming soon


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Regions Mystery Picnics and Experiences available

Look to see which country and region you can book an experience.

For instance, look for experiences in Australia, the United States, Canada. the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Here's a list of some of the places you'll find AmazingCo experiences. Make sure you check for updates at AmazingCo if there is a Mystery Picnic for a couple, family, or friends mystery picnic at a specific location.

And, that they are still available at these locations [2023]:

  • Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo, and Geelong in Victoria, Australia.
  • Sydney NSW Newcastle NSW, Australia
  • Canberra ACT Australia
  • Adelaide SA, Australia
  • Perth WA Australia
  • Queensland Australia
  • Locations in the United States including Los Angeles CA, Orlando FL, Boston MA
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • New Zealand


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Mystery Picnic Benefits

  • Decipher Clues for you to find a Mystery Destination
  • Picnic with a selection of local produce
  • Have a Picnic Experience for a couple, your family, or friends
  • Go on a Self-Guided Picnic Adventure
  • Solve clues to collect the picnic food along the way
  • Select Standard Dietary Requirements, others depend on availability
  • Explore a region
  • Discover points of interest
  • Solve the first clue the night before and plan a way to get to the first location
  • Find AmazingCo experiences in Australia, N.Z., the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.
  • Read the AmazingCo FAQs


Mystery Picnic

Picnic Experience with a Secret Location


Would you like to decipher the clues of a Mystery Picnic? And, it leads to a picnic secret location and you pick up picnic food along the way.

Would you choose a Mystery Picnic for a Couple, Family, or Friends Mystery Picnic?

Look into the locations where AmazingCo holds experiences to see which mystery picnic experiences are available.


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Mystery Picnic
Mystery Picnic For 2
Mystery Picnic Melbourne

Mystery Picnic Experience

My city went into lockdown number six while the plans to go on a Mystery Picnic experience were being actioned. So, I didn't get the opportunity.

I participated in the Halloween At Home experience sponsored by AmazingCo with my kids and grandkids. You can read about my experience with the Halloween At Home activities we did virtually while we were in lockdown.

Which would you pick for the Mystery Picnic with AmazingCo? Will it be for a couple, a family, or friends? Or would you gift a Mystery Picnic?


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