Pink Soup Fest Vilnius

Giant pink slide and giant pink faux pink bowl at Pink Soup Festival at Bastion Hill in Vilnius, image by Saulius Ziura
Last updated Jun 14, 2024
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Discover the Pink Soup Fest in Vilnius 2024

Experience the Pink Soup Fest on 1 June 2024 in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius.

Indulge in the vibrant fuchsia-colored Pink Soup Fest, šaltibarščiai, a beetroot-based cold pink soup at the Tymas Market.

This year the festival is back for its second edition to kick-start summer with a bang.

Prepare yourself for a day with pink-hued delicacies, soup-themed activities, and gastronomical experiences.

Indulge in Pink Cold Soup

Experience the blend of tradition and culinary mastery of Pink Soup. It is made with fresh beetroots, cucumbers, fresh dills, eggs, and buttermilk served with hot potatoes.

And, the neon pink dish is refreshing in hot weather.

Proclaimed as the top cold soup by Taste Atlas, the Lithuanian pink soup outshines international soups, like the Spanish gazpacho and the Bulgarian tarator.

At Tymas Market, nestled in the bohemian district and self-proclaimed Republic Užupis is the 2024 Pink Soup Fest.

Experience a lineup of over 100 offerings including restaurants, cafes, pubs, nightclubs, guides, businesses, performers, and diverse communities.

You can taste an array of šaltibarščiai-inspired delights, drinks, and souvenirs.

Person stirring large bowl of pink cold soup at Pink Soup Fest in Vilnius, image by Saulius Ziura

A person stirring the cold pink soup, source © Go Vilnius, Saulius Ziura.

Soar Down the Pink Slide

Get ready to unleash your inner thrill-seeker. And soar down a pink 50-meter slide on Bastion Hill.

From Bastion Hill, sliding down the hill unveils the views over Užupis.


Person on tube flying over top of big pink bowl at Pink Soup Fest in Vilnius, image by Gabriel Khiheter

A person on the pink slide at Pink Soup Fest, source © Go Vilnius, Gabriel Khiheter.

Embrace Pink, the Giant Pink Faux Bowl & Pink Costume Competition

Get ready to immerse yourself in the pink extravaganza. Dress in pink accents to match the spirit of the chilled pink soup for the best costume contest. Beyond the delights await the creative workshops and live musical performances.

The Pink Soup Fest is family-friendly, with dedicated spaces for children and adolescents.

Person in the Giant Faux Soup Bowl in Vilnius, image by Saulius Ziura

A person in the giant faux soup bowl, source © Go Vilnius, by Saulius Ziura

Uncover Experiences in Vilnius Lithuania

Embark on a half-day adventure to Trakai Castle, the former medieval residence of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes at Trakai, situated on an island. Explore the historic town. Get your ticket to Trakai Castle and seize the opportunity! Indulge in a tour of the Hill of Crosses,

You'll learn about the symbolism behind the cross in Lithuanian culture and history. Secure your ticket today on a tour of the Hill of Crosses and be captivated! Discover Vilnius at your own pace on an interactive scavenger hunt walking tour.

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Indulge in Vilnius Culinary Delights

Discover the rich tradition of culinary expertise in Vilnius, where Lokys, a family-owned restaurant is nestled in the heart of the Old Town Vilnius. Lokys commits to preserving Lithuanian cuisine traditions. And it's situated in a historical medieval merchant’s house. Lokys uses a blend of ancient recipes, modern technologies, and seasonal ingredients like the forest bounty,

Led by Rita Keršulytė-Ryčkova, Lokys chef, offers her unique take on Lithuanian culinary heritage. Its rendition of the cold pink soup is accompanied by a pink amuse-bouche featuring smoked catfish mousse. Rita, says the cold pink soup is an inherent part of Lithuanian culinary history. For her, it's a reminder of childhood, home, summer, and a refreshing and filling dish.

Explore the diverse culinary landscape of Vilnius. Two restaurants in Vilnius have earned places among the world's finest dining establishments in ratings such as the Top 1000 Restaurants 2024 on La Liste. The restaurant Džiaugsmas is on the La Liste at no. 76.50 and the restaurant Nineteen 18 is on the La Liste at no. 75.50.

For those with a passion for creating culinary masterpieces at home find produce at Senators’ Passage, the centuries-old mansion. It offers a selection of farm-fresh seasonal produce, artisanal bread, cheese, wine, and all the essentials for curating a gourmet feast in the comfort of your home.

Person on an inflatable tube on the Pink Slide with people watching in the background at Pink Soup Fest in Vilnius, image by Saulius Ziura

A person on the giant pink slide, source © Go Vilnius, by Saulius Ziura

Pink Soup Fest Details

Where Can You Find the Pink Soup Fest in Vilnius?

You'll find the Pink Soup Fest in Vilnius Old Town.

Find details of the Pink Soup Fest 2024 Programme.

The Pink Soup Fest is set up in Tymas Market, also known as Tymo Market. You'll find it near the Bohemian district. Find more details about Tymas Market.

On Bastion Hill you'll find the giant pink slide and pink faux bowl.

In Kūdrų Park are the children's area and space for creativity and relaxation.

Find the walking directions for Bastion Hill to Tymas Market to Kūdrų Park in Vilnius on the map.

 Tours & Activities Vilnius Lithuania

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You can get additional insights at Go Vilnius.

Which events catch your eye, or have you attended any? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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