Darkness to Sunrise to Morning Drive

And, thru the Great Dividing Range



When you see a rainbow, do you chase it?

Does it stop you in your tracks?

Makes you run after it looking for the pot of gold?

Does the rainbow move when you get closer?


Early Morning Drive in Spring

In September, which is the start of spring, I traveled from Eden NSW to Canberra ACT in Australia. I left early whilst it was still dark as I needed to be at Canberra Airport in the morning. And, it was about a three-and-a-half hour drive.


Traveling in the early morning before sunrise, you need to be on your guard. Due to the wildlife that cross the roads. And, as the sunrises, you need to be prepared for what you will see.

On the sides of the roads, there are many kangaroos and wombats that are gone before their time.

As I was approaching one small town, there was one in the middle of the road. At that time of the day, the town was like it was deserted.



In another small town, there was a family of ducks walking across the road. So, you need to drive slowly.


Kangaroos & Echidnas

Especially, you need to watch for kangaroos who jump and travel in packs. That is, there can be more than one. Watch through your peripheral vision, too. As, you can see other kangaroos jumping along the side of the road. I slow down. And, scout the environment.

Driving through tracks in the bush, I have even stopped when I have seen one kangaroo jump across the road ahead of me.  Because, I could see more kangaroos in my peripheral vision. And I watched, as they jumped across the road in front of me at a similar spot to the first.


On my trip through NSW, I encountered twice, echidna's crossing the road during daylight hours in front of me. One was on a bend, so I had to hit the dirt to avoid the echidna, as there was a car right behind me. And, two wallabies were stopped in the middle of a dirt road watching me approach into a camping ground.


End of the Rainbow

As I had left early, I watched the sunrise as I drove along.

Then, I drove across the farmland. 

On the left side in the paddock with the national parks and forests of the Great Dividing Range in the background. There was a rainbow.

The rainbow was like I could see the end of the rainbow. But was it really the end of the rainbow.


Pot of Gold

Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Well, I didn't see one.

But, that didn't matter it was the sight of the semi circle of the rainbow that was there for me to be in awe.


Photo Stop


Temptation got the better of me and I  stopped the car. Outside, it was really windy and cold. So, I took some quick shots of the rainbow in two halves. Cause, I knew I could join them as one in post-production.

Have you experienced a rainbow? Has it made you stop and see its beauty?


Listen to Nature

Take time out.

Hear the call of nature.

And, absorb its beauty on your travels.


The first left half of the rainbow.

The second right half of the rainbow.

Map of the sighting of the Rainbow

near Mogilla and Windra

Empey NSW Rainbow Australia Map
End of the Rainbow

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