Inspire Creativity Playsheet

Free Playsheet

Inspiring Creativity

It has 5 tips to inspire your photography.

And, it's available as a digital download. Available in letter size and A4 PDF.

It contains nine pages with room for you to add notes.

To learn more, click on the link.

[For Personal Use. Excludes electronics and props in mock-ups.]

Look Into

Discover Resources

Free List

Experience To Do List

You can fill in the things to Prepare, to do On The Day, and Notes.

[For Personal Use. Excludes electronics and props in mock-ups.]

Experience to Do List Mockup


Blogging & Content Creating Tools

Host & Domain


Host & Domain

Are you looking for a host for your blog and domain? Well, mine is with Siteground. It's one of the hosts that you can use with the DIVI theme. Look at the next module to read about it. I like that you can chat with support 24/7. Click on the link to learn more.


Elegant Themes


For your blog, are you looking for a theme for your WordPress site? Well, my theme is DIVI by Elegant Themes. I can build my blog on the back and front ends. ET has a range of themes you can choose from and you can mix and match. You'll notice on my blog, that some pages and posts are from different themes.



Create Digitally

I have an Adobe photography subscription which includes Photoshop and Lightroom. And, I edit my photographs using both. You can use Photoshop to export your images in a web-optimized format. So, that they are smaller kb, load faster and take up less room in your site's size. In the subscription I have, it gives me access to Spark which I use to make my banners like the ones you see here.




I use the free version of Grammarly. Grammarly picks up spelling errors and simple grammar in the free version. And, I have been using it since I studied the Diploma of Family History. You'll notice that the paid version would allow you to see more grammar corrections. Click the link to learn more.

WP Courseware

Fly Plugins

WP Courseware

Are you looking for a plugin to create courses on your WordPress dot org?

To learn about WP Courseware click on the link.


Content Creators

Travel Blog

It's a Lovely Life

Travel Blogging

Do you want to write a travel blog? And, you are looking for a course that is designed for travel blogging. Then, Travel Blogging Blastoff by It's a Lovely Life is the course that I participated in. Click the link to learn more.

Digital Products

Online Template Shop

Digital Products

Are you wondering where you can buy ready-made planners and journals? And, you can customize them to suit your fonts and colors. Then, have a look at Online Template Shop. See what Yadsia has to offer and her training that helps you to customize her templates using Canva. To learn more, click the link.

Comped Travel

It's a Lovely Life

Comped Travel

Comped Travel, are you wondering what it is? Well, it's when your travel accommodation, transport, activities, etc are sponsored. Then, you can participate in How to Email Your Way to Comped Travel by It's a Lovely life for free. To learn more, click on the link.

Learn Blogging

Create Content


Do you want to learn to blog? That is, learn about where to start, blogging, niches, SEO, affiliates, pinning, etc. Then, click on the link to learn about the different courses by It's a Lovely Life.

eBook Coming Soon

Activities for Grandmother's Day

[For Personal Use. Excludes electronics and props in mock-ups.]

Grandmothers Day Activities Coming Soon

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