Blog Host, Domain: SiteGround


I use SiteGround for my blog host and domain.

Theme: Divi by Elegant Themes


My website and blog theme are Divi by Elegant Themes

Using Divi, I can build on the front and back ends of WordPress.

Divi WordPress Theme

Printing: Avery


I use Avery WePrint to print labels and postcards.

They are printers based in New South Wales Australia.

Marquee: Mytopia

Mytopia is where I purchased my marquee for outdoor markets.

Blogging Courses: Pete and Heather from It's A Lovely Life


Are you wondering where to make a start with a blog?

Well, you can start with their free Start a Blogging Business 5-Day Crash Course. It guides you through to starting a blog. And, the monthly 10k challenges help you to network with other bloggers.

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