These are some of the resources for my travel photography history blog.



Blog Host & Domain & Theme




I use SiteGround for my blog host and domain.


Divi by Elegant Themes

My website and blog theme are Divi by Elegant Themes

Using Divi, I can build on the front and back ends of WordPress.



Divi WordPress Theme

Market Resources



I use Avery WePrint to print labels and postcards.

They are printers based in New South Wales Australia.



Mytopia is where I purchased my marquee for outdoor markets.

Blogging courses

It's a Lovely Life, Pete and Heather


Where to Start

Are you wondering where to make a start? Well, you can start with their free Start a Blogging Business 5-Day Crash Course. It guides you through to starting a blog. And, the monthly 10k challenges to learn to network with other bloggers.


Network with Bloggers

From there, progress to the Blogging Blastoff 2.0 course. I purchased the Travel Blogging Blastoff which included the Blogging Blastoff as a special promotion. Both have their own Facebook groups and you receive support via email.

And, you can work through the content at your own pace, or at the pace aligned with the opening of the courses.


Make a Start

Do you just want to make a start? Then, join the free Start a Blogging Business 5-Day Crash Course. And, see where it takes you.

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