Pick Your Own Sunflowers

Where to Pick Sunflowers in Victoria?


Make a day trip to pick your own sunflowers in a sunflower field in Dunnstown near Ballarat.


Walk in the sunflowers field there, And, Pick your own Sunflowers.

What is the Best Way to Experience the Sunflowers in Dunnstown?

  1. Spend a magical time with the sunflowers in the field.
  2. Stroll around the trails through the fields of sunflowers.
  3. Pick your own sunflowers.
  4. Take photographs of your family and friends with the sunflowers and props.
  5. Take your own selfies in the sunflower fields.


Sunflower Field at Dunnstown near Ballarat

What Can You Experience at the Sunflower Field?

See others walk around with what seemed like huge sunflowers they had picked.
Also, those who stand in the middle of the sunflower field and take selfies.
Even though it was a cloudy day, there were still many sunflowers out welcoming us.

Book Online

The sunflower field is reopening.

Check for updates at Pick Your Own Sunflowers, and COVID-19 restrictions.

And, check for current prices:

  • $5 entry per person plus an online booking fee.
  • Under 5 is 5 free.
  • $2 per sunflower.
Book online.

Tokyo Olympics 2020

In 2021, the 2020 Olympic Games are held in Tokyo.

They were postponed the year before due to COVID-19.

 When you see the medal ceremonies. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners receive flowers.

In Tokyo, they give them sunflowers.

At the opening ceremony, the broadcasters explained. That in Tokyo, sunflowers represent respect and encouragement.

Pick your own Sunflowers in a Sunflower Field near me in Victoria, Australia.



The opening days at the fields of sunflowers in Victoria were limited by several lockdowns during 2021.


And, the season for 2021 finished on 31 March.


Hopefully, the 2022 season has fewer disruptions than the sunflower fields in Victoria 2021.




I find comfort in contemplating the Sunflowers. ~ Vincent Van Gogh





Sunflower Windmill Dunnstown

Look for the Sunflower Windmill. There, you'll turn into the carpark.



Yellow painted smiley rock

You'll see yellow painted smiley face rocks along the walk way.

Photo Opportunities in the Sunflower Field

On the walk, you'll find bales of hay, a sunflower, and a tractor to use for your pictures.

And, you'll see some carry sets of steps. So that the photographer can stand on the steps when taking photographs.

Sunflower Windmill photo spot

Sunflower with holes where you can take photos.

Picture in the Sunflower Field Victoria

Bale of Hay where my granddaughter, Miss Unicorn, sits for photos with sunflowers in the background.

Tractor in the Sunflower Field in Victoria

Tractor where you can take photos.

Pick Your Own Sunflowers in the Sunflower Field

Tip: Be Prepared!


  • Be prepared like us.
  • Wear boots cause there could be snakes.
  • You can take your own secateurs.
  • Or, you can purchase secateurs at the entrance.
  • You'll find lots of bees milling around the sunflowers.
Pick your own Sunflowers in the Sunflower Field

Miss Unicorn picks her own sunflowers.

Pick your own Sunflowers Victoria

Miss Unicorn picks her own Sunflowers.

Sunflower Field Victoria

Walk on the track through the Sunflower Field.

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