Best Sunflower Field: Pick Your Own!

Sunflowers in the Sunflower Field in Dunnstown near Ballarat Victoria
Last updated Jun 15, 2024
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Pick Your Own Sunflowers in the Best Sunflower Field Victoria, Australia. [updated 2024]

Plan a Girl's Day Trip to Pick Your Sunflowers on a Day Trip from Melbourne to Dunnstown near Ballarat!

2025 Season

Note it in your planner for estimated February and March 2025 to Pick Your Own Sunflowers 2025.

2024 Season

The 2024 Season began in February and finished on 30 March 2024.  Make sure to watch for changes, updates, and details on their official Facebook page and website.

For this post, I experienced it at my own cost. and the opinion is my own.

Where to Pick Sunflowers in Victoria?

Make a day trip to pick your own sunflowers in a sunflower field in Dunnstown near Ballarat in Victoria. Walk in the sunflowers field there. And, pick your own sunflowers.

What is the Best Way to Experience the Sunflowers in Dunnstown?

  1. Spend a magical time with the sunflowers in the field.
  2. Stroll around the trails through the fields of sunflowers.
  3. Pick your own sunflowers.
  4. Take photographs of your family and friends with the sunflowers and props.
  5. Take your selfies in the sunflower fields.
Sunflower Field at Dunnstown near Ballarat

I find comfort in contemplating the Sunflowers. ~ Vincent Van Gogh

What Can I Experience at the Sunflower Field?

I witnessed the awe-inspiring sight of others strolling along with huge sunflowers they'd plucked from the sunflower field.
I captured unique moments of my family and myself and those who find themselves amidst the sunflower field, capturing the perfect selfie.
Even on a cloudy day, a multitude of sunflowers warmly welcome me.
And the sunflowers created an enchanting atmosphere that beckoned me to explore and enjoy them.
Yellow painted smiley rock in the Sunflower Field

You'll see yellow-painted smiley-face rocks along the walkway. My granddaughter likes the rocks. © Jennifer Empey

Sunflower Windmill Dunnstown

Look for the Sunflower Windmill. There, you'll turn into the car park. © Jennifer Empey

Sunflower Field at Dunnstown Details

How Can You Buy Tickets to Pick Your Own Sunflowers?

You can book online at Pick Your Own Sunflowers.

And at the gate, you can also buy tickets.

Make sure you check on the Pick Your Own Sunflowers Facebook page for open days and that they are open before you go.

What are the Ticket Prices in 2024?

  • $10 entry per person
  • (5 & under free, and do not require a ticket)
  • $4 per Sunflower Stem

Take CASH because WIFI can be unstable at the Sunflower Field!

What are the Opening Hours?

Final Opening Hours in March 2024 Dates are (Check for updates for sessions every week and watch for changes, updates, and details on their official Facebook page and website).

Season 2024 finished.


Check for changes and updates on Pick Your Own Sunflower's official Facebook page. Especially check again on the day you go to the sunflower field for any changes. And you can book on their website.

You can read their THINGS TO KNOW page on their website and Facebook group.

[The 2024 season started on Thursday 22 February 2024 and finished Saturday 30 March 2024]

[The 2023 season started on Sunday 12 March 2023 due to the later planting and finished on Sunday 26 March 2023 10 am - 4 pm]


In previous years, they opened in the middle of February.  I visited in February. It depends on the weather, sun, sowing, and growing season.

Sunflower Festival 2024

A Sunflower Festival was held on Labour Day, 11 March 2024 from 10 am to 8 pm. Please see their Facebook events for details.

On the day, it was a very hot and windy day. So, some of the planned activities were unable to happen due to the extreme heat and their concern for the horses.

So, make sure you check for updates on the day you plan to visit on their official Facebook page.

Respect the Sunflowers

Respect the Sunflowers and the experience of others in the sunflower field:


Leave them on the stem if you are not going to buy them.

Where is the Sunflower Field Located?

Corner Howards and Navigator Dunnstown Road, Dunnstown Vic 3352

The location is at Dunnstown, near Ballarat Victoria.

What to Pack for a Day Trip to the Sunflower Field?

What to Pack for a Sunflower Field Day Trip

Sunflower Field Day Trip Packing Checklist

  • Cash
  • Water
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Boots
  • Secateurs / Scissors to cut sunflowers
  • Container to carry sunflowers
  • Mobile / Camera for photographs

Tip: Be Prepared!

  • Wear boots cause there could be snakes.
  • You can take your secateurs or scissors.
    • Or, you can purchase secateurs at the entrance.
  • You'll find lots of bees milling around the sunflowers
    • If required take medication
  • Stay Hydrated on Hot Days
  • Use Sunscreen

Photo Opportunities in the Sunflower Field

On the walk, you'll find bales of hay, a sunflower, and a tractor to use for your pictures.

And, you'll see some carry sets of steps. So that the photographer can stand on the steps when taking photographs. They take their subjects with the sunflowers in the background.

Sunflower Windmill photo spot

A sunflower with holes where you can take photos. © Jennifer Empey

Picture in the Sunflower Field Victoria

Bale of Hay where my granddaughter, Miss Unicorn, sits for photos with sunflowers in the background.  © Jennifer Empey

Tractor in the Sunflower Field in Dunnstown Victoria

Tractor where you can take photos.  © Jennifer Empey

Pick Your Own Sunflowers in the Sunflower Field

Dunnstown near Ballarat in Victoria

Day Trip to Ballarat

In 2021, the opening days at the fields of sunflowers in Victoria were limited by several lockdowns. And, the season for 2021 finished on 31 March. This post and images are from my family's experience in 2021.

I made a day trip to Ballarat with my daughter and granddaughter. And, I visited the sunflower field and picked sunflowers. Afterward, the three of us visited Ballarat for lunch. And, at the Eureka Gardens Playground, Miss Unicorn played on the playground.

Picking Sunflowers in the Sunflower Field In Dunnstown

Miss Unicorn picks her own sunflowers. © Jennifer Empey

Picking Sunflowers in the Sunflower Field In Dunnstown Victoria

Miss Unicorn © Jennifer Empey

Walking in the Sunflower Field near Ballarat Victoria

Walk on the track through the field in Dunnstown near Ballarat © Jennifer Empey

Tokyo Olympics

In 2021, the 2020 Olympic Games were held in Tokyo. They were postponed the year before due to COVID-19.

When you see the medal ceremonies. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners receive flowers. In Tokyo, they give them sunflowers.

At the opening ceremony, the broadcasters explained. That is in Tokyo, sunflowers represent respect and encouragement.

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Pick Your Own Sunflowers at Duunstown in Victoria
Pick Your Own Sunflowers In Victoria

Things to Do in Ballarat

Looking for things to do in Ballarat after or before you visit the sunflower field?

Then read my article about Ballarat things to do

Find things to see, activities, tours, experiences, and things to do in Melbourne.

And, you can find more of my articles on the Victoria travel guide page.

Have you visited a sunflower field?

Leave a comment below about your experience.

If you visit or have visited the sunflower field at Dunnstown, leave a comment below about your experience.

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  1. I would love to be picking sunflowers in Victoria right now! Except for that snake part! In Minnesota, we just have to watch out for bees.

    • I’m not crazy about snakes either, Karen. It’s hot and sunny weather for picking the sunflowers at the moment. Some days have sunset nights.

  2. This post is cheering me up so much right now with all the snow! I love sunflowers and would love to come pick them.

    • Glad the Alexis brightens your day, Alexis. Sure do, it’s magical.

  3. This looks like the perfect summer activity! They are so beautiful!

    • Thank you, Lisa. I visited in fall / autumn.

  4. Bringing back some great memories of our first outing to a sunflower field back in September. They definitely have a way of lifting your spirits! Not to mention, I had a lot of fun taking some great pics of the kids.

    • Sounds like you had a lovely time with the sunflowers and the kids, Marianne.

      • Well, that’s a great idea! I love seeing giant fields of sunflowers, but never thought about pick-your-own.
        They grow wild on the roadsides here in New Mexico. I live them.

        • Thank you, Suz. Wow, do they really. I’d be tempted to stop & pick some if you are allowed to.

  5. That sounds like so much fun to pick your own sunflowers. I like the tips, like wear a good pair of boots!

    • Thank you, Kristen. Boots are also handy because of the uneven terrain.

  6. I love sunflowers so much! I would totally love to visit this sunflower field and cutting my own bouquet!

    • Yes you would, Kenni. It’s so magical being with the sunflowers.

  7. Sunflower fields are great. There’s nothing to do but who needs there to be. Except our ones don’t have snakes.

    • I like no snakes, John. Hanging out with the sunflowers is so cool.

  8. This looks amazing! I would love to visit a sunflower field with my grandkids one day soon!

    • Thank you, Tricia. You’ll love it with your grandkids in the sunflower field.

  9. Sunflower fields remind me of my godmother. Looking forward to visiting some local ones to me this year.

  10. Website says “dirt road country style”. Can you elaborate on the road condition? I just got a new SUV but I really want to see the pretty sunflowers on a dry day soon. Thank you!

    • Yes, I read that on another website. Parking is in a farm paddock. It depends on which direction you come from. For current local conditions, you could ask a question on Pick your own Sunflowers Facebook page: @ sunflowerpicking

      When I went, there was a bike event in Ballarat so roads were closed. And, on the way home, the GPS took us on a dirt road which turned into a steep rugged dirt track in the bush climbing up and down a mountain. So if that happens, watch for kangaroos. If you see one, there’s usually more as they travel in packs.

      • Thank you for the prompt reply. I finally went! The main roads were smooth and the farm carpark was a dried grassfield. It was amazing to be surrounded by thousands of radiating sunflowers.

        • Thank you for letting me know. I’m glad you visited and had an amazing experience with the sunflowers, Yenny.


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