Drive inland down the Hume Highway

on a Sydney Melbourne Roadtrip. You Should Do These 4 Things on the drive.

And, Make the 4 Stops on a Melbourne Sydney Roadtrip too.


Where to Visit on a Sydney Melbourne Road Trip


On the road trip back from Sydney to Melbourne, we stopped and visited 4 places to break up the trip.



  1. Big Merino Goulburn

  2. Dog on the Tucker Box Gundagai

  3. HMAS Otway Submarine Holbrook

  4. Big Ned Kelly Glenrowan


The Roadtrip


The four stops we visited are a short drive off the Hume Highway.


Therefore, it became an interesting one-day drive for us.

By doing this, it helped to break the kilometers traveled into smaller chunks.


Take time out on your road trip. And, find these four things to create memories.


Map of the Sydney Melbourne Roadtrip

See the maps for the Big Merino, the Dog on the Tuckerbox, HMAS Otway Submarine, and Ned Kelly.




On the way from Sydney to the Big Merino, you can make a side trip to the Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures. You can walk or zipline among the treetops.


Where to go on an NSW RoadTrip


If you are looking for some other places to visit in New South Wales

Then, check out NSW Roadtrip for places on the south coast and the Blue Mountains.

1 The Big Merino



In Goulburn, I visited the Big Merino. Goulburn is known for wool farming. You'll find it on the corner of the Hume and Sowerby street in Goulburn.


And, you'll find the history of wool farming in Australia and a shop. You can travel to the top of the merino to see the surrounding area of Goulburn.


Where is the Big Merino

In the back of the carpark at the petrol station, you'll find the Big Merino. So it's close by for you to get petrol and food.


The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom.
~ Osho

'Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously'

Sydney Melbourne Road Trip
Big Merino on the Road Trip

2 Dog on the Tucker Box



It's not the first time on a road trip to Sydney from Melbourne along the Hume Highway. That I've seen the Dog on the Tucker Box.


Gundagai is the home of the Wiradjuri people and the river red gums.


Where is the Dog on the Tuckerbox

You'll find the Dog on the Tucker Box at 37 Annie Pyers Drive, Gundagai.


Story of the Dog on the Tuckerbox

According to the sign at the monument. The Dog on the Tucker Box was unveiled in 1932 at Nine Mile Creek. Its story is found in Australian folklore of the pioneers and the bullock teams. In those days, the rough tracks, crossing rivers, floods, and adverse weather saw the dogs looking after the tuckerbox of its masters.


'Along the Road to Gundagai'

Traveling through the town of Gundagai reminds me of the song 'Along the Road to Gundagai'. My grandfather would play it on the piano. And, we'd sing along.

There's a track winding back
To an old-fashioned shack
Along the road to Gundagai. ~ Jack O'Hagan 'Along the Road to Gundagai'


'Waltzing Matilda'

Andrew Barton 'Banjo' Paterson is known for 'Waltzing Matilda'. He wrote the poem 'The Road to Gundagai'.

The mountain road goes up and down,

From Gundagai to Tumut Town.

And branching off there runs a track,

Across the foothills grim and black,

Across the plains and ranges grey

To Sydney city far away.

~ Banjo Paterson

'The Road to Gundagai'

'The Man from Snow River and other verses'


'Where the Dog Sits on the Tuckerbox'

And Jack O'Hagan penned 'Where the Dog Sits on the Tuckerbox'

I've done my share of shearing sheep,

Of droving and all that;

And bogged a bullock team as well,

On a Murrumbidgee flat.

I've seen the bullock stretch and strain

And blink his bleary eye,

And the dog sit on the tuckerbox

Nine miles from Gundagai

~ Jack Moses 1938

'Nine Miles from Gundagai'


Bullock Droves

My great-grandfather drove a bullock-drawn cart between Hay and Balranald in New South Wales.


Big Koala

You can also visit the Big Koala. It's down the road from the Dog on the Tucker Box in Gundagai.

Jennifer Empey on the Sydney Melbourne Road Trip
Dog on the Tuckerbox
Dog on the Tuckerbox
Dog on the Tuckerbox
Dog on the Tuckerbox

Story of the Dog on the Tuckerbox

Nine Miles from Gundagai

Nine Miles from Gundagai

Bill on the Bullocky

Bill the Bullocky

3 HMAS Otway Submarine



Plaque at the HMAS Otway Submarine

Holbrook Shire Council


Dedicated as a tribute to all submarines past, present and future

Unveiled by Mrs Gundula Holbrook

Widow of Commander N.D. Holbrook V.C. R.N.

After who the town is named

Saturday 7th June 1997

Mayor Joan I Parker


Where is HMAS Otway Submarine

You visit the HMAS Otway Submarine on the corner of Albury Street and Wallace Street in Holbrook.


You can walk around and climb aboard the submarine. And, you'll find a museum, cafe, and a visitor center nearby.



A short walk on the other side of the submarine, you'll find a monument. It's a monument to the pioneers of Holbrook Shire in Germanton Park.

Specifically, it honors Commander N.D. Holbrook, V.C., John Purtell, an Irishman, and Johann Pabst, a German. Holbrook is previously known as 'Ten Mile Creek' (attributed to Purtell) and 'Germanton' (attributed to Pabst) prior to 1915.

HMAS Otway Submarine at Holbrook

Sydney Melbourne Roadtrip
Submarine Plague
Submarine at Holbrook
Submarine at Holbrook
Submarine at Holbrook
HMAS Otway Submarine at Holbrook


Monument at Holbrook

Monument in Holbrook
Monument in Holbrook
Monument in Holbrook
Monument in Holbrook
Monument in Holbrook

4 Big Ned Kelly


 Such is Life! ~ Ned Kelly


The Big Ned Kelly

Next, you can drive to Glenrowan. And, visit the Big Ned Kelly.

Go to the corner of Gladstone Street and Kate street in Glenrowan to find the Big Ned Kelly.


Ned Kelly was a notorious bushranger. He and his gang robbed stagecoaches.

He wore an armoured suit. Like the one seen in the below pictures.

After a series of events, he and his gang had a shoot-out with the police and some were killed.



Ned Kelly in Melbourne

In 1880 he was hung for his crimes at the Old Melbourne Gaol.

You can visit the Old Melbourne Gaol in Russell Street Melbourne. The gaol is built of bluestone.


Ned Kelly's armour is currently on display at the State Library of Victoria. And, learn more about his story.


Ned Kelly in Lego

See Sidney Nolan's painting of Ned Kelly in Lego by the Brickman.

And, in the third episode of Lego Masters, two contestants build a Lego Ned Kelly in a snow globe.

Sydney Melbourne Road Trip
Big Ned Kelly on the Sydney Melbourne Road Trip
Sydney Melbourne Road Trip Pin
Sydney Melbourne Road Trip Pin


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