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Kiama Lighthouse Photography
Eden Beach
Glasshouse Rocks NSW

Take a step into this great Southern Land.

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Camel Rock Beach Australia

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Green Island Daytrip from Cairns

Green Island Daytrip from Cairns

on a Day Trip to Green Island from CairnsGreen Island Daytrip You can take a day trip to Green Island from Cairns Queensland. Green Island is a coral cay on the Great Barrier Reef.   You can catch a catamaran to get from Cairns to Green Island.   What I...

Daydream Island: Dream for the Day

Daydream Island: Dream for the Day

Daydream for the Day at Daydream Island You can stroll around the island. Swim, play and cool down in the pool. Marvel at the coral and marine life. Spot the big kangaroos laying around. Find time, curate, collect and create memories at Daydream Island. Daycation You...

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  1. My longest penpal lives in Australia. We’ve lost touch but because our mom’s are friends from college, I can still hear about her. She has come to visit me in Hawaii and I still hope to visit her back home. I for sure want to go to Australia one day! I think it’s way cool you’ve started a travel group to help plan for australia!

    • Thank you Ruth. I hope you get to travel Australia. And, also catch up with your penpal. That’d be so cool.

  2. Australia is definitely on my bucket list!

    • Hope you travel Australia, Melissa

  3. Ill join! I want to explore austra some day!

    • Cool, welcome to the group. Hope you travel Australia.

  4. What a neat idea to create a travel community specifically for Australia!

    • Thank you Tonya


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