Earplugs I use for Noise Sensitivity and Migraine that I can use for Travel

Loop Engage Plus, Loop Experience Plus, and Loop Quiet are the earplugs I use for migraine, noise sensitivity, and travel.

I have sound sensitivity due to migraine. And, that is the reason why I bought the Loop earplugs.

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I purchased my own Loop Earplugs; Loop Quiet, Loop Engage Plus, and Loop Experience Plus which are mentioned in this post.

Loop Earplugs and Migraine Glasses

Jennifer Empey Migraine Glasses Loop Earplugs

This is me wearing my Loop Engage Plus earplugs and migraine glasses, BlueBlock Glasses (hence the blue tint). I'm at my old work's retired officer's 1000-seated Christmas Luncheon. It was a noisy environment. And I could only attempt the challenge by wearing both.

Sometimes someone could not hear me when I was speaking so I would remove one earplug and then put it back when I was finished speaking. Even with one Loop Engage Plus earplug, I find it allows me to be comfortable enough to speak with others. And, I find times to have a break from the noise and wear both, especially during speeches and eating.

This Is Me!

My expertise for this post about the Loop Earplugs is that I purchased the three Loop Earplugs Loop Quiet, Loop Engage Plus, and Loop Experience Plus and I use these three Loop earplugs.

I have sound sensitivity due to migraine. And, that is the reason why I bought the Loop earplugs.

For instance, I can be sensitive to sound in environments like when I go to a noisy shopping center. And, when I walk into a store with loud overhead music, especially if it is dorf dorf music. Then, I find at the cinemas during some scenes in the movie, that I use the Loop earplugs during that scene. And, if I am in crowded confined spaces with many people speaking when traveling locally it can be overwhelming and I need to wear earplugs.

The Loop earplugs suit me, but they might not suit you. For instance, I can wear them, however, my daughter cannot wear in-ear style earplugs.

Consult professional or medical assistance, when required.

Loop Earplugs

Loop Quiet - Best For Sleep  & Sensitive To Noise, Quiet on Transport

If you are looking for sleep and sensitive to noise then Loop Quiet Earplugs are ideal for travel. Situations like you are on a plane, train, or other public transport and you would like to block out as much noise. Because they reduce noise up to 27 dB, are reusable, and have flexible soft-touch silicone.

Maybe you want to focus, like read a book, or work on the computer in a noisy setting. Then Loop Quiet is designed to reduce the noise up to 27 dB. Get Details Loop Quiet Earplugs

Loop Experience Plus - Best For Concerts, Music, Cinemas

Loop Experience has filtered noise reduction up to 18 dB. And, Experience Plus comes with the Loop Mute, an extra 5 dB of noise reduction. So together that makes up to 23 dB noise reduction. I use them when I am sensitive to noise. For instance, if I walk into the shopping center when it's noisy or a shop with overhead music playing loudly,

I can wear the Loop Experience Plus to manage the noise. They come in a small case. I find them easy to carry around in my bag. And I can wear them to music gigs, and live events.

For instance, in the cinema, I have to wear them during the movie when the music becomes very loud. And, I wear them in the waiting rooms at the doctor's surgery because of the overhead music and the people talking. Get Details Loop Experience Earplugs

Loop Engage Plus - Best For Social & Networking

Loop Engage takes the edge off up to 16 dB of filtered noise reduction and Engage Plus includes Loop Mute with the extra 5 dB of noise reduction. And, together that makes up to 21 dB noise reduction. I use Loop Engage Plus in social and networking settings. I find they help me to hear the conversations and engage too.

For instance, I wore the Loop Engage Plus at a noisy restaurant. And, I could hear the others at my table speak clearly. A musician was singing and playing the guitar. And I could hear the words he was singing over the noise of the people speaking. I am learning to adjust the volume of my voice, I wear one earplug to help with this. Previously, I would struggle in this kind of situation. Get Details Loop Engage Earplugs

Recently I wore Loop Engage Plus earplugs at the hairdressers when I had my haircut. And, I wore them at the movies during the school holidays when some kids were speaking during the movie. Because I couldn't concentrate on the movie. I found the Loop earplugs helped to reduce the noise they were making.

In the accessories section, there is now a Loop Link that you can attach to hang around your neck when you take them out, which I don't have. Get Details Look Link

Loop Earplugs

Photo I took of the Loop Earplugs that I purchased

Loop Switch - Best For Multi-Purpose

And, there's a new Loop earplug available which I haven't checked out, the Loop Switch. You can switch between Loop Quiet, Experience, and Engage modes.

Loop Switch Pink

Loop Switch

Tip: Make sure you safely and regularly remove ear wax.

Girl wearing Loop Earplugs Experience


Some resources for migraine in Australia are:

Brain Foundation

Migraine Australia

Carl Cincinnato gives tips to avoid a migraine while travelling. See his point twenty-one about minimizing ear pressure.

You need to refer to resources and medications that apply to your country. And, you will need to check what is available or allowed in your country and any countries you may be travelling to.

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Earplugs for Travel

You can include earplugs in the travel kit for migraine.

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