Travel Kit for Migraine Self-Care

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Last updated Jul 14, 2024
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How To Make Your Own Travel Migraine Kit for Self-Care

Is This You?

Do you suffer from migraine while on the go?

Do you walk into a noisy environment and dig into your bag for your earplugs to stop you from going into vomit mode like me?

A way to manage your symptoms of migraine is to assemble a travel migraine kit. With items that suit your particular circumstance. A kit can assist in providing convenient relief together with the items and instructions prescribed by your medical doctors and specialists, and allied health specialists.

And, you can use it no matter where you are.

This post contains affiliate links. I may earn compensation when you make purchases, at no extra cost to you. Please read my disclaimer policy for details. Thank you for your support.

I purchased my own Loop Earplugs; Loop Quiet, Loop Engage Plus, and Loop Experience Plus. And, opinions are my own.

I purchased my own Block Blue Light Glasses that are mentioned in this post. And, opinions are my own.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. I have multiple disabilities including migraine with aura and mobility issues. And, my impairments include light and sound sensitivity.

What to Pack in a Travel Migraine Kit Checklist

Checklist for Items in a Travel Migraine Kit (based on my travel migraine kit checklist)

  • Sunglasses
  • Glasses for Light Sensitivity and Protect from Blue Light
  • Earplugs
  • Medication and documentation prescribed by doctor and medical specialist
  • Heat Pack
  • Cold Pack
  • Massagers
  • Eye Masks
  • Wide-brimmed Hat or Beanie
  • Reusable Bottle for water
  • Neck Pillow
  • Remedies like Tiger Balm, Migraine Lavender Sticks
  • Snacks
  • Salt Lamp
  • Humidifier
  • WeatherX App
  • Exercise List
  • Mindfulness or Meditation App
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Stress Ball
  • Migraine Journal or App
  • Small Notebook & Pencils
  • In-Ear Sound Isolating Ear Phones or Headphones or Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Sick Bag
  • Hoodie or Jacket with Hood
  • List of Foods Allowed and to Avoid in Own Language
  • List of Foods Allowed and to Avoid in Foreign Languages
  • Hidden Disability Sunflower Bracelet/Card & Lanyard or Medical ID Bracelet

See below for further details

Important Information

What suits me, doesn't mean it will suit you and might not work for you. What works for one person, might not work for another person. Everybody is different and reacts differently.

Consult a professional for treatment. If something isn't working, seek appropriate medical assistance.

When traveing, check the travel insurance details are adequate.

If traveling to a country with a foreign language, learn some basic communication. In case you end up in a hospital on your own with no phone and no one speaks English. And you are unable to communicate with your travel companions.

Girl wearing Loop Earplugs, Travel Migraine Kit

Be Prepared

I plan my trips. And I try to remember to take the essentials and snacks with me to allow for downtime. I carry water and food with me. Because sometimes it's hard to find food that is allowed with my dietary requirements.

Sometimes, you read about travelers who only take carry-on. Well, with my need to be prepared for migraine. And, medication needs to be in its original containers, and taking food in case I cannot find food that I can tolerate. I can say being on a plane with only fruit and icy poles to eat. I became very hungry on a long-haul flight.

There's not much room in the carry-on for any luggage with a limit of 7 kg (15 lb) for international flights. Because I need to make room for some food, too.

This is Me!

I have suffered from migraine for 22 years. And, they have interrupted my health during my travels and daily living.

From being hit by a migraine as a plane goes into descend mode. And, having to go and have some downtime in a dark room and rest.

This includes misunderstanding from others. Because I have to recover before I can keep going. For instance, so that I can be okay to do the drive back home.

Does this happen to you too? Do you feel socially isolated?


In 2011, I had an episode and was in the hospital for 17 days. As a result, I was put on preventers and a low-tyramine migraine diet.

Then, in 2022, I had an adverse reaction to a third dose of the vax. And, the adverse event sent me into a 24/7 migraine with aura. blurry vision, and made the impairments of light, sound, smell, brain fog, slurred speech, nausea, etc. way worse. And then, the ice pick migraine headaches started which kept me bedridden too. I get migraine headaches where you feel like your head is being crushed and it is going to explode.

Migraine Attack during Flight

Have you ever traveled and been hit with a migraine and forgotten to pack one of the essentials that you use when you have migraines? Well, I did.

When I traveled to Singapore on a direct flight from Melbourne. The plane went into landing mode at the airport, and I was struck with a migraine.

I had forgotten to pack Tiger Balm. And it's manufactured there. And, it wasn't until the second last day when I was at a market that I found some to purchase it. Because I still had that migraine.

So, now I have my Travel Migraine Kit Checklist.

Do you have a travel migraine kit or a travel kit for your health conditions?

Jennifer Empey wearing Migraine Glasses Loop Earplugs

Made it to my old work of 30+ years retired Christmas luncheon armed with my migraine BlueBlock glasses (hence the blue tint) and Loop earplugs (to reduce the dB).

Travel Kit for Migraine Self-Care

What goes into a Migraine Kit for Travel?

You can use a selection of the below items to make a Travel Migraine Kit to suit your needs. And, you can add to your list too.

Migraine Kit


I use polarised sunglasses in a dark black tint of a large frame. I used to have a wrap style with a mirrored effect. And, I had worn them for over a decade but had to change to these last year. I cannot tolerate shades of browns, oranges, and yellows for sunglasses.

Glass for Light Sensitivity and Blue Light Glasses

Glasses that protect your eyes from blue light like Block Blue Light and light sensitivity.

I recently purchased ScreenTime Billie Computer Glasses in Tortoise, DayMax Billie Glasses in Pearl Grey and NightFall Billie Blue Blocking Glasses in Crystal. See more about these below.

There are different glasses for light sensitivity.  My reading glasses are prescription and tinted, back when I got them, there weren't migraine and blue light options.

There are TheraSpecs FL-41. And, the more expensive ones are the Aulux.

So, you need to try them to see which glasses suit you. They might work for you and they might not.

See below for more details about the Blue Blocking Glasses.

Earplugs & Headphones

For earplugs, I now use Loop earplugs, Loop Quiet, Loop Experience Plus (Pro), and Engage Plus. Previously, I used yellow foam earplugs and use them occasionally now. In my post, you can read about the Loop Earplugs that I use.

Get Details Loop Earplugs

Headphones or noise-canceling headphones block out noise or you can use them with a device. However, I can't stand wearing noise-canceling over ear headphones. And, I could only use a one-ear headset for phones and wear a foam earplug in the other ear.

I use In-Ear Sound Isolating Ear Phones which block up to 37 dB of ambient noise to use with a device like listening to my mobile.

I am different and what works for me might not work for you, and that's ok. Everyone is different and everyone reacts differently. So find what works for you. I also find what works on a particular day or moment, won't work on another day. So I need to change things around a bit.

For instance, with the Loops, I change which ones I wear for different scenarios, I take the mutes out or I need to put them back in. Or I wear them in one ear to block the noise from the side and can have a conversation with one person on the other side. Some people can wear these as I can, and some people cannot.

WeatherX App can be used to check for barometer pressure shifts. It sends notifications to consider wearing their earplugs. I have been using my Loop earplugs. In my post, you can see more details about the Loop Earplugs in travel earplugs.

Eye Mask, Pillow, Hat

Eye Masks, Neck Pillow can be used on flights to get some sleep

A wide-brimmed hat to protect you from the sun and block out the light. A wide-brimmed hat for warmer weather and a beanie that has a rolled-down edge for colder weather to hide from the lights.

I wear a hoodie or jacket with a hood because it helps me block out the overhead and side lights.

Managing Migraine & Mindfulness & Gadgets

You can use a Migraine Journal or App to work out your triggers. This can help manage migraine attacks when you are traveling.

Mindfulness or Meditation Apps. I have a book and CD combination. So, see if you can find one to suit you.

Previously, I was going to markets. A lady at one of the stores, that I befriended gave me a Fidget Spinner, And, you can use a Stress Ball

A small notebook or coloring book and pencils can help destress the mind.

Sick Bag

Carry a sick bag in my bag just in case, Check that there are some on the plane at the seat in front of you. Make sure there are some.

In 2014, I used a few on one flight. When the plane hit turbulence, I threw up for about two hours, right through breakfast. I was required to take the sick bags myself to the toilets to empty and I did this several times. And, I was like that until the plane landed in Los Angeles. Once the plane landed, it stopped, and I was able to walk off the plane like nothing had happened.

In my car, I usually have an empty ice cream container.

Medication, Remedies, and Health Care

Medication and documentation prescribed by your doctor and specialist and letters documenting it. Take extras in case of delays. I'm not addressing medications, refer to your medical professional for assistance. In Australia, I have listed two websites in the resources below.

I use remedies like Tiger Balm. Before I used Tiger Balm, I used the Migraine Lavender Sticks.

Pain Management

For pain, I use heat packs and cold packs to reduce the tightness in the shoulders, back, and muscle spasms. Because it ends up triggering a migraine, especially neck migraines for me.

In regards to the massagers, I have balls and rollers. You can check with your medical and health professionals whether any electronic equipment is allowed.


I have a list of exercises designed by a physiotherapist for me specifically, So, check if you can have a program designed specifically for you.


I organize appointments overseas. And, I obtain instructions from my health professional here. Then, I contact the overseas professional and check whether they can give me the same or similar treatment.

Road Trips

When I go on road trips, I take a salt lamp and Humidifier.

Food and Drink

Reusable Bottle and water. Check if you can use a hydrating aid in the water.


Take a list of foods allowed and avoid in your language, printed and/or on your phone.

This is handy for a list of foods allowed and to avoid in foreign languages, printed and/or on your phone.

Disability Bracelet

You can wear a Hidden Disability Sunflower Bracelet or a Card and Lanyard. Check to see if the airport you are going through has a Hidden Accessibility Program.

Or you can look into using an ID Bracelet with your disability and details.

What's in your kit?

What do you have in your migraine kit or health kit for travel?

Block Blue Light Glasses

Block Blue Light Glasses

Recently, I  purchased Block Blue Light ScreenTime Billie Computer Glasses in Tortoise, DayMax Billie Glasses in Pearl Grey, and NightFall Billie Blue Blocking Glasses in Crystal. And, I find that the ScreenTime Billie Computer Glasses are my go-to glasses for working on the computer. I find that they convert the screen tone to a similar light source as the candlelight in the room.

Make sure you read the Lens Colour Guide section.

Flying and Block Blue Light Glasses

Now, I would like to use them when going on a flight to look at screens and adjust for sleep. Usually, I cannot look at screens for long on a plane, so I wonder if the ScreenTime or DayMax glasses could make a difference. And, for sleep, the NighFall Blue Blocking Glasses block blue and green light, so I would give these a go.

Blue Light Glasses

Photo of the Block Blue Light ScreenTime Billie Computer Glasses in tortoise I purchased


You need to refer to resources and medications that apply to your country. And, you will need to check what is available or allowed in your country and any countries that you may be traveling to.

You can find migraine resources in Australia at the Brain Foundation site. Below you'll find a donation button for the Brain Foundation, as migraine is my primary disability so I can pass on any donations, thank you for contributing to this cause.

Carl Cincinnato gives tips to avoid a migraine while traveling. See his point four regarding packing a migraine bag, number five about using a personalized mobile emergency kit, and point twenty-one about minimizing ear pressure.

Create a Travel Kit for Migraine

What is in your migraine or health kit for travel? Leave a Comment!

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