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Boats at Ulladulla NSW Australia
Last updated Jun 14, 2024
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Things to do at Ulladulla New South Wales

You'll find Ulladulla on the South Coast NSW Australia

The Drive from Sydney to Ulladulla

You head south of Sydney and drive to Ulladulla New South Wales. And, it takes you about three hours.

Along the Princes Highway, you'll find the Ulladulla Harbour.

You can drive around and park by the harbour in front of Ulladulla Harbour Beach.

For me, it was a good place to make a travel stop as the toilets are nearby to the parking area. And, you'll find it's a good place to photograph the boats and the harbour.

Things to do in Ulladulla

  • Sit by the water and go for a walk around the harbour
  • Take a trek on the walking tracks
  • Have an indigenous experience with Commee Nulunga Cultural Tours. Learn a part of the Aboriginal history of Warden's Head (Darkies Hill). And, the Murramarang People's traditional bush food and medicine.
  • Enjoy the waterways
  • Go Whale Spotting during whale season
  • Visit the Warden Head Lighthouse
  • Photograph the boats in the harbour
  • Experience beaches, like Lobster Jacks Beach, Ulladulla Harbour North Beach, Burrill Beach
  • Swim, fish or kayak at Burrill Lake
  • Explore fossils on the Gondwana Coast Fossil walk, book guided walks through Ulladulla Visitor Centre
  • Visit the Fossil Display Centre in Green Street, Wednesdays to Saturdays, 10 am to 3 pm.
  • Shop at the Farmers Market
  • Go for a walk or hike in Meroo or Morton National Parks
  • Visit Shoalhaven Visitors Centre Ulladulla, Ulladulla Civic Centre, Princes Highway Ulladulla, for more ideas

Travel Stop at Ulladulla NSW

Boats at Ulladulla NSW Australia

The photograph I created, is of Boats in the harbour.

Boats at Ulladulla NSW Australia

I created the photograph of the boats.

Make a stop for lunch

Would you sit by the Water?

And, have something to eat.

Then, go for a walk.

Lunch at Ulladulla NSW Australia

I created the photograph, Lunch by the Harbour.

Lunch by the Water at Ulladulla NSW Australia

I created the photograph, Sitting by the Harbour

Tree at Ulladulla NSW Australia

I created the photograph of the trees

Ulladulla Travel Details

Where is Ulladulla in New South Wales?

Ulladulla is on the south coast of NSW Australia.

You can view the location of Ulladulla on the map.

NSW Travel Essentials

You can find NSW Travel Essentials on my NSW travel guide like links for weather, beaches, and national parks.

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Visit Ulladulla Australia
Visit Ulladulla Australia

Places to Visit after Ulladulla

After Ulladulla, I continued to travel south on the Princes Highway.

Along the south coast of New South Wales, my next stop is Batemans Bay.

You can find things to do in Batemans Bay.

Find other places on the south coast of NSW to visit

You can find things to do in Narooma in my blog about my visit there.

In my post, I visited the white sand beach, Hyams Bech in Jervis Bay. Read about activities you can do at Hyams Beach.

Find in my post more ideas of other places I visited on the road trip along the South Coast of New South Wales.

Where would you like to visit on the coast? Leave a Comment!

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  1. I never heard of Ulladulla. Beautiful photos.

    • Thank you Karie. Glad I could introduce you to somewhere new.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic place to check out! Looks beautiful.

    • Thank you Pam. Glad you like the look of Ulladulla.

  3. Ulladulla looks like a great little spot. I’d love to visit the lighthouse and watch for whales too!

    • Thank you Alison. I love photography at lighthouses. And, whale watching would be so cool.

  4. Beautiful area. I love how the indigenous culture is still in the area.

    • Thank you Leeanne. Yes, and it’d be an unique experience. The street where I live in has an indigenous meaning.

  5. Ulladulla sounds like a great place to visit!

    • Thank you Taquia. I’m glad to introduce you to Ulladulla.

  6. I would like to take the indigenous culture tour. That sounds interesting.

    • Thank you Sara. Yes, the indigenous culture tour would be unique.

  7. What a cool place to explore! I’d love to visit Ulladulla.

    • Thank you Stacey. It’s been my pleasure to show this part of the world to you.

  8. I’d love to go here and take pictures of the boats in the harbor!

    • Cool idea, Chantelle. I like photographing the boats in the harbor, too.

  9. So many beautiful places! Gorgeous!

    • Thank you kmf. So pleased to show you places to go in Australia.

  10. I love that you put a map on this post. It helps me know where these amazing places you write about are!

    • Thank you Lisa. I love to put the maps in, as I tend to look up a place to find out whereabouts it might be.

  11. This place looks wonderful! I love areas where there is easy walking. My husband won’t do any strenuous hikes, but we enjoy nature trails.

    • Thank you Eva. That’s cool, I’m the same. That’s why I like photography, as I tend to walk for a while and get distracted by something to photograph.

  12. This is the first that I am learning about Ulladulla. I like the idea that I can go on heritage walks there.

    • Thank you Missy. I’m pleased that I introduced you to Ulladulla. Heritage Walks are cool and great for photography.

  13. I’m loving all your stops in Australia! This country is on my travel list.

    • Thank you Cindy. Hope you don’t have to wait too long.

  14. Whale watching is always a favorite activity of mine. I love the name..Ulladullah. I hope I get to see it at somepoint.

    • That’s cool, your favorite activity is whale watching, Cindy. Hope you get to travel there.


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