Immerse Yourself in the Top 7 Summer Events in Vilnius Lithuania 2024

Experience Street Music Day, Open House Vilnius, Pink Soup Fest, Culture Night, Lithuanian Pride, Lithuanian Song Celebration, and Music Festival As Young As Vilnius in Vilnius Lithuania.

You'll find these events from 18 May 2024 until 25 July 2024. Some events are one-day events, two-day events, or one-week events.

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Vilnius Top 7 Summer Events 2024

  1. Street Music Day (SMD) 18 May 2024
  2. Open House Vilnius 18 - 19 May 2024
  3. Pink Soup Fest 1 June 2024
  4. Culture Night 7 June 2024
  5. Lithuanian Pride 8 June 2024
  6. Lithuanian Song Celebration 29 June - 6 July 2024
  7. Music Festival As Young As Vilnius 25 July 2024

Top 7 Summer Events in Vilnius 2024

1 Immerse Yourself into Street Music Day

On 18 May 2024, you can participate in the Street Music Day in Vilnius. This musical event includes about 5,000 musicians who are amateurs and professionals, showcasing their skills throughout the city.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Old Town, as different music genres fill the air. You'll find it's an open-air festival celebrated by the power of music. And it fosters a strong sense of community in Vilnius.

You'll discover the day's highlight is the drum march, Drum2gether. And, it's led by the brass band, Moodsellers, which is accompanied by the festival crowd.

A concert at the Downtown Forest Hostel in the Paupys District brings the celebrations to a conclusion.

You can find details at Street Music Day in Vilnius.

Musicians at Street Music Day in Vilnius by Go Vilnius Gabriel Khiterer

Musicians and crowd at Street Music Day, source © Go Vilnius, Gabriel Khiterer

2 Experience Open House Vilnius

From 18th to 19th May 2024, you can witness the architectural heritage of the capital of Lithuania at the annual event, Open House Vilnius.

Embark on a journey of discovery, and you can gain access to buildings and hidden gems that are usually concealed from public view. You'll find free tours in Lithuanian, English, and Ukrainian.

Places to Explore

  • Presidential Palace - Late Classical, symmetrical layout
  • Court of Appeal of Lithuania - a huge, symmetrically shaped building
  • Bank of Lithuania - historicist architecture
  • The House Ignas Parčevskis - romanticism, historicism, neo-Baroque façade
  • National Opera and Ballet Theatre - a combination of modernism and tradition
  • Lithuanian Academy of Sciences - historicism and modernism
  • Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, Vileisis Palace - neo-Baroque palace
  • Swedbank Headquarters - contemporary Lithuanian architecture
  • Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society - historicist architecture

Prepare to explore Vilnius' architectural treasures.

You can find details and more architectural places to explore at Open House Vilnius.

Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folkore, Vileisis Palace Vilnius Lithuania

Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore - Vileisis Palace Vilnius

Uncover Experiences in Vilnius Lithuania

Embark on a half-day adventure to Trakai Castle, the former medieval residence of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes at Trakai, situated on an island. Explore the historic town. Get your ticket now to Trakai Castle and seize the opportunity!

Indulge in a tour of the Hill of Crosses, You'll learn about the symbolism behind the cross in Lithuanian culture and history. Secure your ticket today on a tour of the Hill of Crosses and be captivated!

Discover Vilnius at your own pace on an interactive scavenger hunt walking tour. Engage in solving intriguing riddles, and interact with the city's attractions. and unlock interesting legends and facts. Get your ticket on the scavenger hunt walking tour of Vilnius

3 Immerse Yourself in the Vibrant Pink Soup Fest

On 1 June 2024, you can join the annual event, the Pink Soup Fest in Vilnius. In Tymas Market indulge in the traditional beetroot-based cold pink soup, šaltibarščiai. You'll find pink-themed activities and experiences, too.

Get ready to unleash your inner thrill-seeker as you soar down a pink 50-meter slide on Bastion Hill. Take part in the soup-inspired costume competition and transform it into your favorite ingredients or even a whimsical giant bowl of pink soup.

Need a moment of tranquillity amidst the festivities? Seek solace in the peaceful embrace of Pond Park.

You can find more details about the Pink Soup Fest at Go Vilnius


Person dressed in pink on slide at Pink Soup Fest Vilnius by Gabrielius Jauniskis

Person on the pink slide at Pink Soup Fest, source © Go Vilnius, Gabrielius Jauniskis

4 Participate in Culture Night

​On 7 June 2024, participate in Culture Night and discover an explosion of art, music, and entertainment. Experience the energy of  Vilnius during Kultūros naktis which brings the city to life.

You'll find a diverse range of activities to captivate you ranging from museums, dance, music, photography, cinema, art installations, churches, galleries, and theaters. And you'll find free events.

Mark your calendar and participate in the art and culture of Vilnius.

You can find events to experience during Culture Night at Kultūros naktis.

Artwork inside the Jewish Museum at Culture Night Vilnius

Artwork at the Jewish Museum, source © Go Vilnius

5 Celebrate Lithuanian Pride

On 8 June 2024 celebrate diversity and equality at the Lithuanian Pride. The parade attracts about 20,000 from all corners of the Baltic region supporting LGBTQ+ rights.

It's an annual Pride event in Vilnius and coincides with the global month of Pride in Lithuania.

Person blowing bubbles at Baltic Pride by Gabriel Khiheter

Person at Baltic Pride, source © Go Vilnius, Gabriel Khiheter

6 Experience the Lithuanian Song Celebration

​From 29 June to 6 July 2024, the Lithuanian Song Celebration returns and celebrates 100 years. The event is held once every four years. And, this year's choir sees performer numbers reach 37,000, 800 children, and 2,000 from 21 countries.

You'll find cultural activities to captivate you showcasing Lithuanian culture and heritage. There are the Dance Day, Ensembles Evening, Folklore Day, and Song Day.

The traditional straw gardens, a symbol of the festival are celebrated and recently recognised by UNESCO.

Immerse yourself in the symphony of voices and auditory experience.

You can find more information about the Lithuanian Song Celebration at the Lithuanian National Cultural Centre.

Performers at the Lithuanian Song Festival

Performers at Lithuanian Song Celebration, source © Go Vilnius, by organizers

7 Experience Music Festival As Young As Vilnius

On 25 July 2024, Saint Christopher's Day, the patron saint of Vilnius and travelers. The As Young As Vilnius Music Festival is an open-air music festival that takes place in Vingis Park.

Last year the music festival was 700 years old and included performances from opera and Lithuania's entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022,

Immerse yourself in the performances of artists from different genres.

You can find more details about As Young As Vilnius Music Festival at Go Vilnius.

Stage at As Young As Vilnius 700 year by Saulius Ziura

Stage at As Young As Vilnius Music Festival, source © Go Vilnius, Saulius Ziura

Summer Events in Vilnius Details

Where Can You Find Vilnius?

The events take place in Vilnius Lithuania. Some of the open houses are on Gediminas Avenue and the nearby streets, and squares. Gediminas Avenue serves as the main road that connects Cathedral Square to the Lithuanian Parliament.

Remember to explore the map for directions in Vilnius and make the most of your visit!

 Tours in Vilnius Lithuania

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Vilnius Top 7 Summer Events Lithuania
Top 7 Summer Events In Vilnius Lithuania

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