Exploring New South Wales

August - September


South Coast of New South Wales Australia

I drove from Wallaga Lake to Bermagui along the Sapphire Coast on my way to Mimosa Rocks National Park NSW Australia.

I made a stop at the Visitor Information Centre to find out about visitng Mimosa Rocks. Parking was at a 45 degree angle with the rear to the kerb only for vehicles under 6 meters. This was the second town that I had noticed parking like this.

Along the way on the Tathra - Bermagui Road, there were many one vehicle wide bridges. So, you can find yourself waiting for the other vehicles to pass over the bridges, before you had a turn.

One in particular is the Cuttagee Bridge over the Cuttagee Creek which is pictured below.  It is situated about seven and a half kilometers from Bermagui. The bridge has a load limit of 22.5 tons gross. In addition, heavy vehicles can only drive at ten kilometers per hour over it. On one side there is the expansive Cuttagee Lake that narrows into the Cuttagee Creek. And, on the other side is Cuttagee Beach looking far out to the South Pacific Ocean.

On the way back, I made a stop at the wharf with the boats. And, sat there to watch what was happening on the quiet sunny day.

Then, I noticed the tree with barren branches except some red flowers. I'd seen them a lot driving around New South Wales. This time, there was an opportunity to make a stop and take some photos.

Bermagui is one town on my journey around New South Wales

Travel Photography at Bermagui

Visitor Information Centre

Parking Sign

Cuttagee Lake

Cuttagee Beach



Red Flowers on Tree

Travel Photography at Bermagui

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