Spend Time by a Lake

at Wallaga lake in NSW Australia


Where Is Wallaga Lake?

You will find Wallaga Lake near Bermagui on the south coast of New South Wales Australia.


Wallaga Lake

Stay there and you can spend time at the lake.


Nearby is Camel Rock Beach where you can walk on the sand along the beach. Hear the waves crash against the shore.


And, you can see Camel Rock and Horsehead Rock.


Sunrises Sunsets Moon

You can watch the reflection of the sunrises on the trees, sunsets, blue hour, and the moon going down.

Wallaga Lake Sunset


You take a thousand pictures to get a good one, like oysters with the rare pearl. It's true, and I used to say I'm not a good photographer. If anyone took as many pictures as I do, they'd be standing up here, too. It's a lot to do with generosity, just taking thousands and thousands of pictures, and then where the art comes in is the editing. ~ Nan Goldin

Jennifer Empey
Laptop with Window View

Wallaga Lake Australia

Wallaga Lake Sunset
Swans on Wallaga Lake
Wallaga Lake Sunset


Art allows you to imbue the truth with a sort of magic, so it can infiltrate the psyches of more people, including those who don't believe the same things as you. ~ Wangechi Mutu



Sunsets, Blue Hour, Moon Going Down

Wallaga Lake Sunset
Wallaga Lake Sunset


By my intimacy with nature I find myself withdrawn from man. My interest in the sun and the moon, in the morning and the evening, compels me to solitude.

~Henry David Thoreau


Wallaga Lake Blue Hour


Ingenia Ocean Lake


Deluxe Villa Accommodation


Ingenia Holidays Ocean Lake - Bermagui NSW 891 Wallaga Lake Road, Wallaga Lake, Bermagui.


The Accommodation


My stay was in a Deluxe Villa cabin. You can see the pictures below of the cabin.

I stayed at the beginning of September for 3 nights in the off-peak season. Recently before I stayed, the Deluxe Villas were moved down to the front row view.


The Deluxe Villa sleeps 5 in 2 bedrooms. It has a separate bathroom and toilet.

Sunrises Sunsets Moon


 You can watch the reflection of the sunrises on the trees, sunsets, and the moon going down on the veranda.

The Deluxe Villa

Villa Daytime

Deluxe Villa during the Day

Villa Lounge


Villa Kitchen


Villa Table

Table & Chairs

Villa Main Bedroom

Main Bedroom

Villa Single Bed

Single Bed in Bedroom 2

Villa Bunks

Bunks in Bedroom 2

Villa Toilet


Villa Bathroom


Villa Hallway


Lake View from the Villa

View of the Lake on the Veranda

View from the Villa

View of the Lake on the Veranda

Villa Night-Time

Deluxe Villa at Night

Where is Wallaga Lake in New South Wales?

In the below map you can find the location of Wallaga Lake.

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Nearby Places to Visit

Camel Rock Surf Beach is close to Wallaga Lake.

Drive into the coastal town of Bermagui. From there, you can go to Mimosa Rocks National Park.

You can also find other places nearby to visit on NSW Roadtrip.


Wallaga Lake

Spend some time with nature at Wallaga Lake.

At Wallaga Lake hear the sounds of the lake. At the same time, the surf crashes against the beach at Camel Rock Beach.


Do you like to spend time with nature?

Do you prefer to stay at a lake or by the beach?

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