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Water Lilies Art Inspiration

Water Lilies by Jennifer Empey


Impression Sunrise

Monet Impression Sunrise was exhibited at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA).

And we attended the exhibition whilst we were in Canberra.

It included artworks from the Musee Marmottan Monet of Paris.


Make sure when you visit the gallery to check what's on.

The hours are daily 9 am to 5 pm. Check NGA for more details about your visit.

National Gallery Australia

Entrance at the National Gallery of Australia


Monet: Impression Sunrise

The Paintings


The painting depictions include:

  • sunrises
  • sunsets
  • water lilies
  • waterlily pond
  • city scapes
  • rural landscapes
  • seascapes
  • boats
  • windmills
  • snow effects
  • trains
  • boats
  • haystacks
  • bridges
  • beaches
  • ports
  • evening effects
  • pink effects
  • moonlight
  • spring
  • apple trees
Water Lilies Art Inspiration

Water Lilies by Jennifer Empey


The star attraction of the exhibition was Monet's painting Impression Sunrise.


As a result of an 1874 exhibition held by a group of artists in Paris. Impression Sunrise was subjected to comments which led to the group being labeled Impressionists.


You can see his painting face-to-face.

Move up close to see the textures and brushstrokes.

Let the art inspire you in creating your photography.


Are you inspired by Impressionism artwork?

Which era of artwork draws you in?

The Artists

At the Monet: Impression Sunrise exhibition, the artists and some of their paintings exhibited are:

  • Claude Monet
    • Impression Sunrise
    • Water Lilies
    • The Waterlily Pond
    • Waterloo Bridge
    • The Train in the Snow
    • The Seine at Port-Villez
    • Creuse Valley, evening effect
    • The Sailing Boat, evening effect
    • Snow Effect, Sunset
    • Les Tuileries
    • On the Beach at Trouville
    • Haystacks, midday
    • The Japanese Bridge
  • J. M. W. Turner
    • Stormy Sea with Dolphins
    • Inverary Pier
    • Alnwick Castle
    • Cowes Regatta
    • Scarborough Town and Castle 
    • Le Havre: Sunset in the Port
    • The Quayside and Tower of Francois I
    • High Force, Fall of the Trees, Yorkshire
    • Norham Castle
    • Inverary Pier, Loch Fyne: Morning
  • Eugene Boudin
    • The Port of Antwerp seen from the Northern Citadel
    • Le Havre, Sunset at Low Tide
    • Le Havre, Eure Basin
  • Johan Barthold Jongkind
    • End of the Day in Holland
    • Sunset in Holland
    • Moonlight on a Canal, Holland
  • Alfred Sisley
    • Spring near Paris
    • Apple Trees in Blossom
  • Berthe Morisot
    • At the Ball
  • Joseph Wright
  • Ernest Quost
  • James McNeill Whistler
  • Gustave Courbet
  • Eugene Delacroix
    • Cliffs near Dieppe
  • Charles Daubigny
  • Camille Corot



The Exhibition

The link to view the paintings of the exhibition virtually no longer works.

So you would need to search for them through a search engine.


Which artist attracts you?


My favorite is JMW Turner. His style inspires me in my creations of turning my photography into art.


Do you look for exhibitions in your area?

And do you look for exhibitions when you make travel plans?


This was the second Monet exhibition we had visited. The last time, we saw Monet's Garden exhibition.  You'll find his paintings include water lilies, flowers, and scenes in his garden.


Have you been to a Monet art exhibition?

And have you visited Monet's Garden in Giverny? It's found west of Paris.


Water Lilies Art

Water Lilies Remind Me of the Artist Claude Monet

Monet painted scenes of water lilies. He grew them in his garden.

In spring you will find blooms in the gardens and on the nature strips.

Spring motivates you to venture out. And you can look for water lilies to photograph. Then create art out of the photos.


You will find them hiding in between tall weeds. Look further around for them. Search for the ideal places where you'll find them. For example, see them in rock gardens.


In the rock pools, the water lilies float on the lily pads. Some are wide-opened. Whereas others are closed bulbs, which are waiting to bloom.

You'll find some water lilies together. And others float solo.


In post-production, you can apply different textures and techniques. So as to create art photography of the lilies.

Be inspired by Monet and his garden. And you turn photographs of water lilies into art.

Water Lilies Art Inspiration

Water Lilies by Jennifer Empey

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Water Lilies Art Inspiration
Water Lilies Art Inspiration

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Which artist do you like to visit an exhibition to see their art? Do you travel to see their art?

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