Explore Werribee Art Walk: Unveil Hidden Gems of Art

Embark on a journey as you uncover the gems of art and culture on the Werribee Art Walk. You can see murals on the walk in Werribee Victoria.

Immerse yourself in the experience, be inspired, and take selfies with the artwork. Make a rest stop and support the local community on your artistic adventure.

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Werribee Art Walk Artists

  1. Ash Keating
  2. Drez
  3. Ghost Patrol
  4. Tom Gerrard
  5. David Lee Pereira
  6. Makatron
  7. Minna Leuning


Werribee Art Walk

The art trail is Wyndham City's self-guided public art walk.

You can start at Wyndham Cultural Centre where there are two murals. The first mural is on one side of the building and the second is on the other side.

Next, you walk down Watton Street where you can find another two. The third mural is before Coles. And, you'll cross the road on the pedestrian crossing to the other side for the fourth mural.

Then, head down towards Station Place. In Station Place, you'll find the fifth mural in the laneway next to the newsagency.

From Station Place, walk back to Watton Street and turn left down to Palais Lane. In Palais Lane is the sixth mural. (It's not in the laneway next to the law firm mentioned on the Wyndham City website)

The final destination is at Kelly Park. You'll need to walk across to the other side of the toilet block as the seventh mural is on the other side of it.

Ash Keating Werribee Art Walk

1 Ash Keating

You'll find the mural at the car park next to Wyndham Cultural Centre on Watton Street.

Drez Werribee Art Walk

2 Drez

You'll find the mural at Wyndham Cultural Centre on Wedge Street

Ghost Patrol Werribee Art Walk

3 Ghost Patrol

You'll find the mural on Watton Street near Coles, on the same side of the road and not far from Wyndham Cultural Centre.

Tom Gerrard Art Walk Werribee

4  Tom Gerrard

You'll find the mural in Coffee Pot Lane, off Watton Street. Go across the road at the pedestrian crossing.

And you'll see the laneway straight ahead in front of you. The crossing is before Coles.

David Lee Pereira Werribee Art Walk

5 David Lee Pereira

Keep walking down the same side of Watton Street to Station Place. Walk across the traffic lights to the other side and turn left into Station Place.

And walk down until you reach a laneway before the newsagency. In the laneway, you'll find the mural on both sides of the laneway.

Makatron Art Walk Werribee

6 Makatron

You'll find the mural in Palais Laneway off Watton Street. It is around the corner from Station Place and you turn left.

Minna Leunig Werribee Art Walk

7 Minna Leuning

You'll find the mural on the toilet block in Kelly Park. You walk across the park to the other side of the toilet block.

Where Is Werribe Art Walk Located?

Werribee is about 40 km from Melbourne in Victoria Australia.

The Werribee Art Walk is located on Watton Street and places, laneways, and a park leading off it.

You'll find a map on Wyndham City's site, Werribee Public Art Walking Tour. And, you'll find information about the artists.

Activities to do in Werribee

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Werribee Art Walk
Immerse Yourself in an Art Walk

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