In Spring is the Whale Watching Season

at the Eden Lookout and Rotary Park in Eden NSW Australia

On the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales, you can find Eden Australia.

When is the best season for whale watching in Eden?

According to Visit Eden, the whale watching season is in winter and spring.

At Eden Lookout and Rotary Park, you can watch whales during the whale watching season.

Even though I didn't I missed out on the opportunity, I hope you see whales when you are in Eden during whale watching season.

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When are the best months for whale watching?

According to Visit Eden, it looks like the best months for whale watching are from September to November.

From late May to July is when the whales migrate north. And the months they travel south are from August to early November.

Jennifer Empey at the Lookout in Eden

Whale and Whale Watching Activities to do at Eden

  • Visit the Eden Killer Whale Museum
    • See Old Tom, the Killer Whale (Orcinus Orca) skeleton
    • Hear the museum sound a siren when whales are sighted from shore
  • Participate in the Eden Whale Festival
    • Held in the spring annually, usually in October when they migrate south
  • Make a picnic and go on a discovery of the Killer Whale Trail
  • Watch whales from the whale-watching platforms on the shore
      • [it's now Boewa National Park]
    • Be at the Eden Lookout and Rotary Park
    • Travel to the Platforms and Places to view from the shore
  • Take a whale-watching cruise
  • Walk to Boyd's Tower
  • Visit the Davidson Whaling Station

Eden Lookout NSW

View from Eden Lookout in NSW Australia

The Lookout

On the headland, I walked along the path to the lookout. You can see Twofold Bay.

It was a windy overcast day in the afternoon. Whereas, you might have more luck when the oceans are calm and it's early morning. I found out later, you can hear a siren from the Killer Whale Museum when you can see whales from the shore!

The notice boards at the Eden lookout list the Humpback Whale and the Southern Right Whale. They are the breeds that journey through the South Pacific Ocean into Twofold Bay near Eden.

The boards also display the types of activities to look out for. The blow, breach, tail slap, spy hop, fluke-up, and pectoral fin or slap that whales perform. See the Humpback Whale moves and behaviours.

Walkway to the Lookout in Eden
Seat at the Lookout in Eden

Waiting for Whales in Eden

Cliff view from the Lookout at Eden NSW Australia
View from the Lookout at Eden Whale Watching Platform

Eden Killer Whale Museum

To continue the theme of whales, you can visit the Eden Killer Whale Museum.

Its address is 184 Imlay Street, Eden.

When the museum is closed. You can see a dated 3D view of the museum that they have made available.

The Colorful House

On my drive through Eden, I couldn't help but stop. And, take a quick snap of the colorful house.

Colorful House in Eden NSW Australia


NSW Travel Essentials

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Where is the Lookout at Eden in New South Wales?

You'll find Eden Lookout with the whale-watching platform on the south coast of New South Wales. The address is 263B Imlay Street Eden NSW.

For the location of Eden on the map click here.

Places to Stay in Eden

Holiday Park & Travel Sustainable 3: Ingenia Holidays Eden Beachfront

Travel Sustainable 2 & 5 Stars: Hotel Australasia

Ingenia Holidays Eden Beachfront is where I stayed when I was in Eden

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Where to Watch Whales in Eden Australia
Whale Watching in Eden Australia

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Whale Watching in Eden

Stay in Eden by the beach, and read about my experience.

And, walk along the beach. Experience the sunset there.

Find things to do and places to visit on my road trip in

Would you like to whale watch from the shore or on a cruise? Leave a Comment!